Monday, 18 January 2010

Another Hi, My Sweetheart Recap

Hi folks, it's that time again...yes, it's time to completely ignore the text and laugh at the pictures, because I've watched another Hi, My Sweetheart episode. This time, it's number 10. Three things:

  • I know these recaps are quite long, but keep in mind that each episode is one full hour of content (for the dvds, I've read, they're breaking the episodes apart to make 25, shorter episodes)
  • The cap quality is shit because I watch this on youtube, via ost1nao . Now, I could actually find raws or something, but no one is reading this anyway, so I don't need the prettiest screencaps ever. It works with shitty quality ones, I think
  • I write down my impressions as I'm watching the episode, so most of the time, you get my immediate reaction, though I may add more thoughts later, if I feed the need to. Also, forgive my spelling of Hsueh Hai's and Bao Chu's names, because until now, I had no idea it was actually Xue Hai/Da Lang and Bao Zhu. Still, I will keep spelling them the incorrect way...well, because the subtitles use that spelling too, and I don't want to get confused and write HSUEX HAL or something.

This is more creepy than any haunted house episode I've seen in a drama/anime - and trust me, that means I've seen more unimpressive stories about ghosts to last me a lifetime.
Miss Sweetheart's stalker fan drives the cab in a maniac fashion, and meanwhile, still following them, Hsueh Hai steps on the break

with his fabulous shoes.
She tries to call Pony Tail Man so he can save her from the crazy man, but Insane Stalker is having none of it and throws her mobile out of the window. Then there are some dramatic car sounds (breaking, and that iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhh sound that cars make when they are turning too fast), and Bao Chu manages to grab the wheel hard enough so that the car is launched in the air spinning. Oh, asian dramas.

Don't you just love how nonchalant he is? "Eh, I've seen better accidents involving the girl I truly love. Now, where is that shoe polish?"
He watches on, still looking like he could care less, as Insane Stalker gets out of the car and runs away. Then, he remembers that he's supposed to care enough for the girl to get upset and storms out of his car.

AND THEN THE CAR EXPLODES FOR NO REASON. WITH THE TINIEST EXPLOSION EVER. Don't you just want to cuddle with that explosion?
It reminds me of those clouds in Windwaker that appear after Link has killed something (as illustrated by the first minute of this video). Anyway, I wonder what happens next?

Explain to me why people always stand way close to a fire and then do that same gesture only to sloooowly put their arm down. ~Uncool people look at explosions/they use their arms to show their emotions~ And yes, we're treated to the screaming in slow motion sequence. Hsueh Hai quivers his lip like someone who's only pretending to cry.

Oh, of COURSE she isn't dead! Stop being surprised.

Move on to another drama where the female lead stayed alive?
I do find this scene touching, though. Even with the guitar riff in the background. She walks away because she is imagining him as Da Lang. He runs after her, and finally, they kiss in a normal way.

If by normal you mean "with Pony Tail Man almost watching from afar", then yes, normal.
But because stuff like this always has a price, she slaps him in order to show her disgust. In reality, she's trying to stay away from him, because she's falling in love with a person who looks and feels like Da Lung, but isn't him. We all know what's wrong with that line of thinking, but hell, let's roll with it. She runs away, only to be stopped by Pony Tail Man.

...err...WHAT? Rainie Love? For the record, the main actress is called Rainie Yang. (ETA: Oh, it's actually intentional. And it's Rainie singing...the song...called Rainie Love. Yeah, I still don't quite get it. Fun fact: Show Lo sings the catchy intro tune, which translates as "head over heels in love") That really confused me.
He hugs her, takes her home and mends her wounds. And then he goes batshit.

I half-expected him to say "I'm Rick James, bitch".
He asks begs yells like a crazy person so she stops seeing Hsueh Hai and forgets about Lin Da Lung. She decides to do what he asked, so as to prolong this drama a little bit more.
Meanwhile, Hsueh Hai gets home and his older aunt goes batshit because he is still very in love with Bao Chu, and last time she heard, Bao Chu was the girl who broke his heart and made him change into the douche he is today.

I can understand why she's mad.

While brooding in his room with a pink thermos, he realizes that he shouldn't have put his guard down, and that he's weak. So now, it seems that everything is against them being together. He wants revenge for being left, his aunt doesn't want him to date Bao Chu again, Bao Chu herself has decided to try to forget her great love and stay away from Hsueh Hai and Pony Tail Man just wants to open a can whoopass on someone.

The next day, Older Aunt decides to visit the radio to lay some whoopass of her own.
They talk, and in a genius move, after Older Aunt offers her money to stay away from Hsueh Hai, Bao Chu asks for 100 million ZLOTIS (I must explain: in any situation where a lot of money is involved, I use ZLOTIS as a currency). She then writes out a CHECK for that amount. Okay, Bao Chu take it and leave!

Why so mad?

*facepalm* If the check was for SAUSAGES I bet you would take it. Ugh, such an inconsistent girl.

Yep, I don't get it either. You can give me the money if you want. I'm in Portugal and you are in a fictional series, so I'd do great in with the whole "staying away from Hsueh Hai" thing. No? I'm talking to myself? Right, moving on.

She finds Pony Tail Man and offers him a coffee...and then proceeds to tell him who Hsueh Hai really is. Kinda. She tells him everything except "HE IS LIN DA LUNG, FOR PETE'S SAKE", because even Pony Tail Man has a brain.

Somewhere else, Hsueh and Bao Chu continue to play cat and mouse, we see more flashbacks and then he tells her that


to which she replies:

Tell me that this doesn't sound a tad crazy? Maybe it's just me, but when Santa asks "what do you want for Christmas", I don't say "PEOPLE". I should watch that movie. Hm. Moving on!
He agrees to help her find Lin Da Lung, and asks "what does he look like", to which I say "OH DEAR GOD JUST TELL HER ALREADY. YOU PEOPLE ARE KILLING ME!". But Bao Chu isn't phased, and after describing him as having "a pair of beautiful eyes" and "a cute mouth", along with other generic characteristics, she decides to graffiti his face. Yeah.

I will not lie. Seeing him like this made me feel sorry for him, because he's obviously fighting his feelings and at the same time he's so touched that she still remembers every little detail.

Honestly, for how much I make fun of it, this is one of the best dramas I've seen, because this scene could have been incredibly sappy and cliche, but it really wasn't. It does makes me curious for how this will unfold, because I believe she'll want to kill him after she learns the truth.

Oh, this is a turn of events. Older Aunt, Slutty Aunt and Hsueh Hai are having lunch and look who suddenly arrives

it's Pretty Girl! You know, the one who liked him in college but was still "beat" by the outcast, Bao Chu Jie. I don't recall the other girl very well, but I think she's one of the two broads in her pretty girl posse. I can already tell I'm going to hate the conflict she'll bring to these last few episodes, if they decide to go for the "other girl" route. Of course, Older Aunt loves her and is already starting to push a marriage between them.

YES. So pick up your plot device and GFTO.
To me, this is a bit disappointing. I was expecting this drama to not have the "last chance for conflict". I remember My Girl using an incredibly lame misunderstanding to drive the couple apart for the last 2 episodes, for no reason other than stretching things out. This can work well - Hana Yori Dango, or the korean version of it - but it has to be a bit smoother, story-wise. You can't just crowbar a love interest in.

Oh, isn't it wonderful when a guy can do more than adjust his sack? For most dramas, this is usually when a guy plays an instrument, which, more often than not, is the piano. And then, for no reason...

Older Aunt and Some Guy get freaky flirt over coffee. I don't really have much to say about that, so onwards to Pony Tail Man who is working on Bao Chu's present, because tomorrow is her birthday.

Really, Pony Tail Man? TELL ME MORE. I love how FASCINATED they are with something that's been around since the beginning of the XXI century. I expect next episode to have them fawning over an Ipod. Btw, those INCREDIBLY BRIGHT kids are the employees of Pony Tail Man's ice cream shop, where Bao Chu Jie was a manager for a while. Still, this wasn't even the best part of this sequence.

This was. BL FLW. (Decipher this if you want.)
Back to Older Aunt and Some Guy.

Aww. I wonder what he's thinking.

"That means you want me inside you, right?"

"Uuuuuhhh..." (The funniest thing about this is these two frames were within seconds of each other and had no dialogue.)

"My bad, my bad. I'd still tap you, though."

And then he confesses that he's loved her since forever, but because she was rich and he wasn't, he kept away. I WONDER HOW THIS MATTERS TO THE STORY. HMMM. Anyway, they're about to do...

something, but

Oh Slutty Aunt, you rascal. After that, Older Aunt is all like

How much do you want to bet that her makeover will involve a dress, extensions and high heels?

Oh, I guess I was wrong. It's just a cheap 20's flapper wig. IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE. Later, she does put on a dress and high heels, but, inexplicably, keeps her ridiculous hair. But Some Guy likes it, so who are we to argue? And then they fucked it fades out to the cat and mouse game again. He runs after her, she runs away, we get a flashback from LAST EPISODE, etc etc. And out of nowhere (and presumably after contacting a good costume designer via livejournal) Hsueh Hai appears Lin Da Lung. First question: how did he get the mushroom hair back? He runs away, she runs after him, and after discovering what happened, Pony Tail Man runs after them. With all this running, we could be in Doctor Who.

She tells him this, but he STILL DOESN'T TELL HER HE'S HSUEH HAI. ARGH ARGH. I'm sorry, I know it's supposed to be like this, but it frustrates me.

This, however, makes me happy.
There's nothing funny about the next few scenes, because it's mostly about FEELINGS AND STUFF. He kinda gives in, because she may not have lied, she may still love him, but no, that's not possible, so he runs away (thank god China is big, so these people have a lot of space to run) and hides from her, while screams at him to come back.

He thinks to himself that she may be telling the truth. REALLY? How quick of you to notice that's she fucking head over heels in love. And yet, he still leaves her crying for him. YOU ASS! You absolute, utter ass.

The next morning he is with his aunts, visibly distraught, but doesn't really explain why. And, at the studio, Pretty Girl appears, making Pony Tail Man realize that he has the upper hand. And possibly a piece of Bao Chu Jie's ass. Because there's nothing more convenient than a holiday made for selling useless stuff, tomorrow is Valentine's Day...and suddenly the episode ends.

That was quick. Anyway, next episode, she finally gets angry because he didn't tell her he was Da Lung.


Raquel said...

Though I was enjoying the whole post, Mushroom Man look took the Academy Award for LOLz. :p




black__cherry said...

Honestly, it's the best look for a nerdy kid I've ever seen. You know what the girl used to call him when they were in school together?

"Shame of Society, Ugly Mushroom Head" Pretty true, huh?

It still strikes me as odd that he instantly got his odd hair back. It makes me wonder two things: is his typical-bad-boy-idol-hairdo a wig or did he have a mushroom hair wig made especially for this?