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The Revenge of the Hi, My, Sweetheart Recap

Why hello there, episode 11. How do you do? Only two episodes left, after this, so do not disappoint me, tv show!

A fun fact to start you off: the main actress' stage name, Rainie Yang, came about because she was in a girl group where all the girls had weather-themed names. But if she was Rainie, what were the other members called? Your answer: Sunnie, Cloudie and Windie. Nope, I'm not kidding.

We start off with Bao Chu announcing to her listeners that tomorrow is Valentine's Day and then immediately cut away to Old Aunt arguing with a customer over toilets (which, btw, is what her huge empire is built on; no, I'm not kidding). Proof:

Yep. After this, her love interest, Some Guy, arrives and he calms her down with his sweet lovin' and asks her out...on a walk so they can see the sunset.

Aww, isn't that--wait, where's the sunset? Judging by the light it looks like 4 in the afternoon. Perhaps they are in the swedish part of Taiwan.

I will not lie, this sequence is pretty cute. He convinces her to let her guard down and to just live her life and stop worrying so much about the company.

Well, it kinda looks like a 4pm. Still, it's a sweet moment seeing her realize that the only thing he cares about is being with her.
Meanwhile, at Hsueh Hai's house, Bao Chu suddenly appears for a visit.

And this is bad because he didn't go to work today so he could try to figure out what to do next about her, since she did explain some of the things he didn't know about their break up, but he still can't understand why she left that note. For those of you just joining us: it was a note she wrote to her mom saying she wouldn't be with Lin Da Lung and that she would marry a rich guy; the note was written so her mum wouldn't come looking for her while she went to Lin Da Lung so they could elope. Of course, because of her accident, Hsueh Hai never got to see her again, and her note was left unexplained.

Back to his house. He freaks out but Slutty Aunt has a plan. Let the girl in, and when you're talking to her, if you get in a pinch, I'll help. How?

Via bluetooth. If he doesn't know how to answer one of her questions, Slutty Aunt, who is listening in, will instruct him on how to respond. Of course, this means he'll spend the whole conversation facing away from her.

Like so.
We find that she didn't come to visit out of concern. No, she wants him to find Da Lung again, because she still has some things she wants to say. However, he doesn't want that to happen, so she tells her Lin Da Lung doesn't want to see her again. And Slutty Aunt chimes in.

Which causes him to say this instead:

Slutty Aunt, your thoughts?

Couldn't agree more.
Bao Chu is confused, but he explains that Lin Da Lung is still hurt because of the note she left. Slowly, she recalls writing the fake message and finally understands his anger. "If I were the one who saw it,

She tells Hsueh Hai that it was her who wrote the note, but doesn't explain why. After his insistence, she says

...and it's weirdly phrased, but who cares about that, anyway. She is to talk in emotion. She's emotional. Slutty Aunt gets teary-eyed and Hsueh Hai feels like a douchenozzle.

As he should. He agrees to help her "find" Lin Da Lung again, but when she leaves, Slutty Aunt tells him that he must make her forget Da Lung forever, otherwise, he will lose her. I.e., he can't tell her he's Lin Da Lung, which doesn't frustrate me because it does make sense that, at this point, he would keeping lying instead of saying "hey, you know your boss? that guy you utterly hate? well, he and your one true love are the same person! High five?"

Next day, over lunch, Old Aunt conjures a plan to make Pretty Girl and Hsueh Hai spend time together.

Of course, it's REALLY SUBTLE, but even so, the both of them remain poised. Hsueh Hai agrees to have dinner with her that evening.
At the studio, Bao Chu plans to join Pony Tail Man and People Who Work At The Ice Cream Shop to make up for having ditched them on her birthday (the day she met Da Lung again). She starts her programme normally, but then a call comes in that makes her stop completely.

I will always like how Show Lo (the actor who plays Hsueh Hai) can quickly go from being Da Lung (overbite and all) to Hsueh Hai.
He tells Bao Chu Jie to come and meet him at 4pm (she would still be doing her show, making this slightly more difficult for her), but she says fuck this to everything and runs out to meet him. When she arrives to the bridge, and even after some delays, she meets

Mr. Douche. Fabulous. Hsueh Hai tells her that it was impossible for Da Lung to come because he has some "inconvenient reasons". Da Lung...

This reminds me of a friend of mine who shared his attraction for a coworker and then added "she has this issue, though, she has a problem on her hand..." and, hearing this, I immediately thought she had some sort of horrific disease, I asked "really? the poor thing! what is it?" "a wedding ring.". It seems Da Lung also this terrible sickness, but that doesn't convince Bao Chu. Surely, it's a lie.

...and, as we all no, photos don't lie. (See: most dramas that use manipulated pictures as a plot device)
This information turns her into a crying mess. I don't blame her, after all, her truest of tru wuvs is married to some skanky bitch .

Hsueh Hai starts to feel bad about doing this, but he must make her forget Lin Da Lung in order to make her fall in love with him, as Hsueh Hai.
It's now night time, and Pony Tail Man and his minions are left waiting for Bao Chu. In the same exact restaurant, Pretty Girl gets up from her table, because she realizes Hsueh Hai isn't coming.

Pony Tail Man stops her and invites her to his table. There, some PLOT happens as she learns Bao Chu Jie is working at Hsueh Hai's radio station, and, apparently, she hasn't seen Lin Da Lung in three years...even though he's her boss.

You'd think that this would be a "aaah!" moment, but as we'll see later on, she doesn't really catch on quick.
At Bao Chu's house, she opens up her shoebox full of Da Lung memories, and asks Hsueh Hai to deliver the Pink Panther she once received from Da Lung back to him.

Is now the time to make a "hehe, I WOULD SAY YOU ARE QUITE FIT!" joke? No? Okay.
He drives home crying, thinking he's an absolute bastard who doesn't deserve a girl like that. No arguments in his defence? Case closed, then. He then runs into Pretty Girl who reminds him that he missed their dinner. He tries to excuse himself by saying he was busy with work.

"Is it a Valentine's Day present?", she asks, and before he can reply she's all "I know you still love Bao Chu, so fuck off!".

And he does.
Next morning, Bao Chu is nowhere to be found. Where is she? Radio Secretary has the scoop:

For reference, that's the place where she and Hsueh met.
Obviously, because this episode hasn't had enough running, he runs after her. Of course, he finds her at the university. And now, it's flashback galore, because she is going to revive all her memories with Da Lung and then

she'll bury everything. The next scenes are just her reliving several moments they had together one last time, while Hsueh Hai watches on.

Yeah, you totally missed it. It's not behind you looking miserable or anything. The reason why this recap hasn't been as silly as the previous ones is simple: we're getting to the point where's more about story and less about farting. And, honestly, I'm liking it.

He tells her that fate took a Da Lung from her, so one day, she'll get a Da Lung back. I do call him douche a lot, but you can really feel his conflicted emotions in this episode. He doesn't want to do this, either because he doesn't her to forget or he simply can't forgive himself for making her suffer this much. But also doesn't want to lose her by being constantly compared to the (almost saintly) Da Lung. He wants to have a chance, even though he knows he can never be as good as he was as Da Lung.

The next day, she gets home and even though Hsueh Hai offers to drive her to her house, she insists on being alone. Next time we see her, she's walking very slowly towards her house, where Pony Tail Man is waiting for her.

Her faint is a bit melodramatic, but what can you do. They really want to make you understand how empty she feels.
Pony Tail Man sits beside her until morning. When she wakes up, she eventually tells him the reason behind her sadness: Da Lung is married. He's a bit puzzled by this information, because he is already suspicious of Hsueh Hai, but he goes with it. Until, that is, he meets with a Guy From a Company.

He goes on to Tell Pony Tail man how dorky Hsueh Hai used to be. "Big black glasses and a mushroom head". This sure rings a bell. BUT HE STILL CAN'T KNOW FOR SURE. I mean, that would ruin the whole suspense, whatever that word means.
Meanwhile, Hsueh Hai and Bao Chu are having dinner because, after he tried courting her like normal, she said "no you don't" and he said "is that how you treat a friend that has helped you through tough times?"...and that worked. Huh. Interesting. Unfortunately, Hsueh Hai asks for the *exact* same meal he did the first time he had dinner with her (as Da Lung). She freaks out, and runs away.
He runs after her. I should have made a drinking game for this. Every time someone runs, you take a swig, every time Hsueh Hai is running after Bao Chu, you have to down your whole drink. Additionally: if the Pink Panther theme plays, you have to drink a whole bottle. Of rice wine. Yes, I'm evil.

Even though this is a creative pick-up line, it doesn't work with Bao Chu, and she fucks off once again. This time, however, he doesn't follow her.
Meanwhile, Pony Tail Man figures a huge mystery out.

Hsueh Hai is Da Lang. What? You *aren't* surprised? What do you mean, "we've known this since the first episode" and "he knows this since episode 9"? Oh, I see. Uuuh, he's not the sharpest crayon in the box, is he? Incidentally, after googling to confirm if it was "sharpest crayon in the box" or "sharpest pencil in the box" (apparently both can be used), I found this website: 100 ways to say "Not the brightest..." . Did you hear that noise? It was me, bookmarking that wonderful link.

Pony Tail Man confronts Hsueh Hai. Even though he's a few sausages short of a BBQ. (Thanks, website!)

Oh shut it, go and learn something new!

Well, that works, I guess.
Meanwhile, Pony Tail Man and Hsueh Hai are figthing.



I don't really get what they are doing in the last one. A teeth fight?

Cut to Bao Chu looking pissed.


I wasn't kidding, it really ended there. The preview showed Bao Chu kicking some Hsueh Hai ass, a fire and more crying/brooding. I'm actually looking forward to it! Though I did read in the comments something that annoyed me: it's quite possible that after the huge fire the preview hints at, Hsueh Hai will lose his memory/be in a coma. PLEASE, don't do this, Hi, My Sweetheart. The Hana Yori Dango version was already too much to swallow.


Anonymous said...

er, just wanted you to know, those two 'older aunt, slutty aunt' are actually his older sisters. The funny thing is that Show Lo actually did another drama with the older 'sister/aunt's actress before, and in that drama she was his grandma.