Friday, 15 January 2010

This is awesome.

A couple of days ago, my handler was generous enough to let me go out and be a normal person for a few hours. I hated most of it, until, that is, I was getting out of the subway and I saw an ad that cheered me up immediately.

Usually, the Wall Street Institute does have ads with puns on badly spoken english, but this is, without a doubt, their best work. Look:

They hired Zezé Camarinha! For those of you who are clueless (and not 1)my friends 2)portuguese 3)people who---wait, if you are not my friend and portuguese why are you here? GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN) about this person, he's a guy that got famous for appearing in a news bit about the "portuguese gigolo". He explained his game - which he only used on foreign women* - to the cameras and it included stuff like:

"Why you so white? You must put some-a cream!"
"Darling, put-a [portuguese peeps, get your mind out of the gutter] cream number five!"

Yeah, in my mind, he's Super Mario. Anyway, he became a big national joke treasure (?) and everyone quotes his pick-up lines, even though his been a real long time since then that news piece. Anyway, Wall Street Institute decided that the best way to get people to learn english with them is hire Zezé.

In my mind, it's an incredibly genius move, if only for the hundreds of folks who will once again ask about cream in a silly voice. For more info, quizzes and endless Camarinha goodness, check out their website:

*Because, really, only foreign women on holiday would fall for his bullshit. And they would have to be very drunk. AND BLIND.