Saturday, 9 January 2010

(Very) late night

My sleeping schedules are fucked up, so I've decided to watch Conan and Jimmy Fallon. Conan was quite funny, and I do wonder how he manages not to sound like an angry ferret after the shit NBC is giving him.

First time watching Jimmy Fallon, though. I think it's a very nice show, actually. Very small and unpretentious. Only problem: where I am, it's almost 6 in the morning, so unless I start work INCREDIBLY early, I won't ever watch this live. Oh well.

Oooh! Right now, there's a game going on where people have to dance their hat and gloves off. Ha! Oh my, it's incredibly silly. And now it's official: I do not get pushing Conan and Fallon to air even later just to fit Jay Leno in.

P.S. : No intro post, fuck that.


Raquel said...

Leaving my 'OHAI!' comment. Hope to read more of your stuff soon! :]