Monday, 22 February 2010

Hitchcocking it up.

I'm sorry you had to read that title, but I simply couldn't resist.

Sometimes life brings you great things. Health, security, enough money to buy Lush products or simply a friend that has a full set of Hitchcock movies. I had always been interested in seeing his films, but I kept getting distracted by shiny things. Yes, I am a magpie.

A few months before this, because of a work proposition that never actually worked out, I saw The 39 Steps, which is a really good movie, in my opinion. I really love the chemistry between the two leads and I'm a sucker for a good mistaken identities plot.

Then, because jjnopants is awesome, he let me borrow his 9009242 dvds. I saw Blackmail - which was also very nice, I love Hitchcock's style of filming, the little details he puts into each shot. Also, what's not to love about one of the first british "talkies", in which the main actress (Anny Ondra, who is Czech) had to be dubed over by another actress who basically stood out of shot and spoke into a microphone.

I also saw Rear Window after @amabok recommended it so ferociously. Basically, it was all a ruse so he'd have a reason to gush about how elegant Grace Kelly is. I don't blame him.

Yeah, I know. No, no, it's fine, you can take some time to calm yourself down. Are you okay? Good.

Still, when I managed to wipe his drool off of the monitor, I saw the whole thing and it was amazing. Hands down, one of the best movies I've seen. Funny how Hitchcock created such intrigue using only one set. You stay in the main character's apartment for the whole film and not once does it become boring. In fact, you get more and more tense as you wait for an answer to the mystery. And I love Grace Kelly's character and how defiant she is, contrasting with James Stewart's cockyness and cynical overview of other people.

I recommend either of these three movies - particularly Rear Window - to anyone who wants to get acquainted with one of the best film-makers in history.


Luís F. Alves said...

No, YOU'RE awesome!
(My link is wrong, btw.)
Yeah, the man practically invented the modern filmmaking rulebook. Check out North By Northwest and compare it to action movies today.
Also, check out Dial M For Murder, just because it's awesome. And it has some more Grace Kelly goodness, to keep Amabok happy.