Monday, 29 March 2010

Vote or...absolutely nothing will happen to you

This Last week, there are student council elections at my personal hell college. Now, usually, I don't give a shit about them, and while I may browbeat someone into voting - it's the one aspect of political life I'm very passionate about - I didn't vote for this election.
Without getting into a long rant, everyone should vote. We have power via the simplest of gestures and I think it is not only wasteful but irresponsible not to express your views. I hate to hear people saying that they don't vote because they don't like "the higher ups" and don't want to support their "games". Well, there's one solution to that: vote for another party, vote blank, just VOTE. And that person will say "well, I'm not voting in protest!". Fine, protest, but bare in mind that you will be bundled with the people that went to the beach, or to a football match because they don't give a shit about elections. A black vote means you went to the trouble of voting, even though you don't agree with any of the choices presented to you. [You may point out that usually blank and null votes are counted together, and yes, they shouldn't be. It's still better than staying at home.] That, to me, is the best way of protesting, because I can't stand people blaming our politicians for everything - even though they aren't, you know, GOOD - and then not doing something to counter that. You have the duty to vote, and if you don't, you cannot blame others for choosing a certain person, because you let them make that choice for you. It's called being responsible for your future, and it may not seem like much, but every vote does count. And as soon as we all realize how powerful we truly are, I believe we will become a lot more demanding, and thus, not any guy with a law degree can run our country. Because our politicians know that most people don't care who's in charge, they don't try hard enough, and that's the real issue. It's very easy to satisfy someone who isn't that bothered about it in the first place. I'm not excusing their behaviour, I'm just stating that our current problem with politics and politicians is strongly connected to the voters' unwillingness to challenge them.


Maybe last year it was this crazy, but I wasn't there to witness it. I remember in my first year of college, the people from the C list glued little stickers everywhere. I thought THAT was obnoxious. It seems I have no idea what's obnoxious, because, as you can see from that picture, they spared the windows because they couldn't get to them. And really, I wish I had gotten these shots the day before, when the wind hadn't said fuck you to the collage treatment of that building, so you'd get the fuck effect of this batshittery. Maybe this will help.[More pictures after the cut]

It's the first time I've ever seen ANYTHING hanging from that tower. Seeing this when I arrived caused me to stop and stare at the tower for a few minutes thinking "what the hell happened that made this election so important"? I mean, in other years, all people did was a)decide on a letter of the alphabet , b)photocopy stuff and c)put up posters and give away flyers . The sheer amount of effort spent this year is probably more than all the other years combined. Even the entrance had ballons. And one of the lists had a person on stilts.

For your reference, this year, students had the chance to vote between A and & [I await anxiously for next year, when $ will run for student council, in direct battle with # and %]. A was the typical "our flyers are crappy photocopies" one and & was the "we have so much money we all our posters are IN COLOR". The slogans amuse me because I think you'd really have to push yourself to get them wrong. "More scholarships, less tuitions". I wonder what they did before college... "More cookies, less school"? And the gimmick of the other list is to use their name, &, in their catchphrases. I know, it's genius. "Ideas & Optimism", "Innovation & Experience","Milk & Cookies", "Ren & Stimpy". [Note that the first two are actual slogans]

And both lists try their hardest to get noticed.

All the bins in school - except for the ones indoors - are like this. The funniest thing about that second picture, however, is how the bins are clearly painted so you can recycle, yet the cardboard boxes are in every bin EXCEPT for the blue one. God bless you, FCSH.

Guess what that was? Maybe another picture will help.

Still confused? These are bathrooms. Nope, it's not annoying at all. It becomes even more grating when I know that those posters are not going to be taken down after this, but, like all the others, be left to peel off by themselves. Makes for a very clean college.

I was going to scan and dissect the flyers they gave out, but I realized that implied me reading through bullshit and I do enough of that in my classes, so I'll finish up with this: I didn't vote. I have never voted for a student election. Why? Because in all these years, nothing has changed. The one thing that does is that each year, the parties organized by the student council have different themes. It may sound silly that I'm doing the exact thing I tell people not in national elections [and even there, I see a big difference, but a national election is for real, and this most certainly isn't], but here's the thing: they have no power. There was an english girl in one of my classes last semester and because her presentation was about UK college life, she actually asked us where our student council was because she had no clue. I explained where it was and she said "well, I've been here for a few months but I assumed that, because I didn't see anything (no announcements, no clubs, nothing) that you simply didn't have one".

So, even if I vote, I'm only choosing between party themes, and frankly, student parties are always shit. I mean, any party without Trivial Pursuit is worthless, so why bother?