Monday, 26 April 2010

Literary Cleanup, glaksgasnfajbluh

You may have noticed there haven't been any Literary Cleanup posts lately. Or, perhaps, you are too busy reading something interesting to notice this. Regardless, this is the time of the year where my free time is spent sleeping (because the rest of the day I am probably in classes or studying), so I don't really care for books, at the moment. I am trying to force myself to read A Queda dum Anjo, so we'll see how that goes. If, in a week, I haven't made much progress, I will probably read another short story.

In the meantime, have some pictures of weird things.

Cacilhas, at 7 am. Reminds me of the Luggage.

So THAT'S why they are called Era. Wait, did they just name a company so they can occasionally do a (bad) pun?

Anjos subway station. Quite grim, huh? Compare it to the new and improved Saldanha station:

What a difference. Not to say that Anjos needs a "makeover" as huge as this, because Avenida, one of the older stations is looking much better lately and all they did was paint it light blue and fix the lighting. Honesty, just that would make me happy...and not think of Irreversible every time I go through that corridor.

And finally...

Whoever did this sure loves ^ . Oh, Almada, how I love thee.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Thursday, 22 April 2010

4 Chord Song

Music snobs have been saying for years that all pop music sounds the same, and finally, some australian dudes have validated this theory:

I bet that if I knew anything about music, I wouldn't find this half as fascinating, but as I'm an ignorant waffle, my reaction is "wow, we are all suckers".

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The End of Time – part 2 (!) – a recap

Oh man, last time seeing that intro. I CANNOT WAIT. Wait a second, I need to watch the intro again, just because it is so good.

What...? Is this Gallifrey?

“All the prophecies say that this is the last day. This is the day when Gallifrey falls”. Aaaah, I see.

Okay, Timothy Dalton just killed a Time Lord-ess (Time Lady?) because she asked him to end the War. The Doctor is “missing”.

Give them hell, Donna!

Live, DoctorDonna, LIVE!

I love that significant chunks of this have no music at all. Just adds to the mood.

So the drums he hears are the heartbeat of a time lord. Interesting.

Okay, something is bothering me. Why wasn't Wilfred changed?

“God bless the cactuses!”
“That's cacti.”

“Worst. Rescue. EVAR.”

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The End of Time (1) – a Doctor Who recap

Fuck yeah, Wilfred!

“They call him The Sainted Physician.” LOL WUT. And who the hell are you?

And seriously, who had the idea to change the credits? They are FINE like this.

The casual opening, as is normal on the start of a two-part episode.

“I locked the TARDIS like a car...locked a car. It's funny.” What do you think, Mr. Ood?

My thoughts exactly.

The Oods are having nightmares. So is Wilfred. First mention of Donna.

“I held him in my arms. I burned his body. The Master is dead.” The Master theme is soooo good. "The drums, the drums, the never ending drums."

Looking at the screencap, it seems a bit less dramatic, but the “he returns” scene was very gripping. Another example?

They sometimes exaggerate too much with the blue lights, but this time it was very appropriate.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Waters of Mars – A Doctor Who recap

“Ah, the red planet”. Wait, didn't I read somewhere that it was actually brown? Screw that, the intro is rolling in!

I'm watching each character and trying to figure out the order in which they will die. I really should get into it more and stop being my mum whenever I go to see a thriller with her and guessing the end 10 minutes in.

“State your name, rank and intention.”

“The Doctor. Doctor.” The way he said fun was so hilarious I had to pause to have a large giggle.

Super eerie. I'm a bit startled, I must say.

FUCK JESUS GAWD. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Taking a screencap of that was not easy, trust me.
*hides under bed *

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Planet of the Dead – a Doctor Who recap

So, previously...sorry, no point in me doing this as the Christmas special is always a stand alone episode.

I'm very impressed by the first couple of shots. They look more movie-ish, but that may be because this reminds me of Mission: Impossible.

And this of Indiana Jones. Hopefully only this was intentional.

WTF MANEKI NEKO. Okay. Interesting.

Friday, 9 April 2010

The Next Doctor – A recap

So, due to reasons I don't quite understand, I've waited this long to watch the five specials that aired last year and that marked the last season of David Tennant as Doctor Who. Of course, because it's quite hard to get away from spoilers, I know who the new doctor is and what he looks like, so that won't be a surprise. However, I did manage to stay in the dark about the plotlines in this season, so hopefully I will react as strongly to them as I would if I had seen them when they aired.

And I'm recapping with pictures to amuse @jjnopants . Yes, I'm finally doing it!

The Next Doctor opens with Ten being...well, Ten.

And why is that awesome? Because it looks like this:


Of course, not even two minutes in and there is running for no reason, like in any decent Doctor Who episode. I tried to get a screencap, but it's quite difficult. The credits roll in and I'm already weary because I know they have changed them, and this is one of the last shots I get to see them.

Is that a Cybergorilla? Regarless, whatever it is they are doing looks like fun.

Next Doctor: won't believe me, but they are creatures from another world.
Doctor: *fake shock * Reaaaally?

A few minutes later:

Next Doctor: A talk of Cyberman and you don't blink.
Doctor: Don't blink! Remember that?!

Good one.

Next Doctor: [while trying to break in] How did you get here?
Doctor: Front door. I'm good at doors.

That exchange amused me quite a lot. But the Next Doctor's “sonic screwdriver” amused me even more.

Doctor: How is it sonic?
Next Doctor: It makes a noise. [bangs screwdriver against the door making it produce a “toc”]