Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The End of Time – part 2 (!) – a recap

Oh man, last time seeing that intro. I CANNOT WAIT. Wait a second, I need to watch the intro again, just because it is so good.

What...? Is this Gallifrey?

“All the prophecies say that this is the last day. This is the day when Gallifrey falls”. Aaaah, I see.

Okay, Timothy Dalton just killed a Time Lord-ess (Time Lady?) because she asked him to end the War. The Doctor is “missing”.

Give them hell, Donna!

Live, DoctorDonna, LIVE!

I love that significant chunks of this have no music at all. Just adds to the mood.

So the drums he hears are the heartbeat of a time lord. Interesting.

Okay, something is bothering me. Why wasn't Wilfred changed?

“God bless the cactuses!”
“That's cacti.”

“Worst. Rescue. EVAR.”

That spaceship looks like a cross between a building and one of those sony radios with the “vintage” look.

Timothy Dalton threw a diamond at the earth and now the timelords have a connection to it. PLEASE EXPLAIN MORE I AM SO CONFUSED. WHY WAS HIS HAIR BLEACHED?

“Sometimes, I think a Time Lord lives too long.”

Nonononono! What's he doing with that gun?

“This is the hour where Gallifrey falls...or rises!” I honestly cannot stop gasping.

Okay, the time lords are bastards because of the war. Thanks for explaining. It only took you half an hour.

Well, that's a way to make an entrance.

Okay, Lord Timothy Dalton just reversed the Master's work. That's...good, right? Maybe the trip to Earth made them become less evil.

The “something returning” was Gallifrey. And that's...also not bad. I'm still waiting for the “AND NOW MANKIND WILL DIE” bit. And an explanation of the Master's hair (seriously, it's not a good look).

“Hell is decending.”
“My kind of world.”

Ah, Master, you never disappoint. Still, Gallifrey is looming over the Earth and it's not only full with Time Lords who are not that nice but also...Daleks!

Shit just got real. Fuck, he is going to kill himself, isn't he? GAAAH.

...or maybe not.That lady giving instructions to Wilfred was a Time Lady! And the Time Lord theme is on...what's happening!?

The Doctor shot the machine and the Time Lords are being sent back. But Time Dalton is pissed, he wanted more screen time, so he's going to kill the Doctor.

And he's saved by the Master! FUCK YEAH.

And where the hell is Donna?

“I'm...I'm still alive.” Oh shit, someone knocked 4 times. It was Wilfred. ...wha...? Ah, okay, he's stuck in that box...thing and he's probably going to die. OH GOD I FINALLY GOT IT. HE WILL KNOCK FOUR TIMES AND THE DOCTOR HAS TO DIE TO SAVE HIM.

“That's who you are, Wilfred.”

Fuck, he's really angry.


He got out of the box and healed his scars. HE REGERATED HIS SKIN. GUESS WHAT THAT MEANS?

Donna! He's going to say goodbye to you. Please let him do that. WTF HE DIDN'T. COME ON!! ARGH.

So, really... What was the point of Donna in this whole episode? What was the point of having her almost regain her memory and being stuck in John Mastervich world if she played no part in saving the Earth? You can do better than this, Rusty.

Oooh, there's Mickey.

And Martha is looking adorable. They are married? WHAT. Wasn't she married already?

Okay, how the fuck do they all know he is going to die? He's not even speaking.

I AM LAUGHING SO HARD AT THIS. “You put the devil in me” is the music that makes this scene hilarious, even though Jack is sulking like fuck. The Doctor gave Jack a note saying “his name is Alonso” referring to the cute guy sitting next to him. O...kay. Is Alonso going to be a part of Torchwood now? THIS STORY LINKING BIT IS KINDA BAFFLING.

Wow, they've really made an effort to cover all of the characters.


Come on, I don't care about you two. Let Donna say goodbye to him!

Okay, it was a cute scene. He went to see Donna's dad just to make her mum happy and he gave them a lottery ticket.

Still bothers me that apparently she apparently is always missing "something" and yet we are supposed to look at this as a happy ending.

This was inevitable, but she still looks so weird, compared to the first season. Okay, this was before she met him. Damn, he looks so depressed. But he did say "you will have a fantastic year." Good use of the "fantastic". Nine is *my* doctor

It's really happening!

Damn, this sucks. Last look at the TARDIS, as well. I heard they changed it and made it bigger.


"I...I don't want to go."

I don't want you to go, either!

Sometimes, I hate this show. I mean, I knew this was going to happen, but I hate that it did after I really started to like this Doctor more.

Though the moments after regeneration are always funny. “Legs, I still got legs!”

He is crashing, but very happy about it. Ah, good ol' Doctor, laughing in the face of danger.

And there it is.

Ugh. Sucky new logo is sucky. I hate it so. Needs to be more kitsch and Ye Olde.

Well, this basically was everything I wanted it to be and more. Great season finale...just wish we would have had more time with this Doctor, who's much open and frail. I still think Matt Smith is too young, but we will see.

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Luís F. Alves said...

Well, Donna was in it for two reasons: 1) Everyone else was, and 2) "oh, she's off on vacation", or some similar shit would've seem like a cheap way not to show her. And this way they still got to put in the "best friend" bit.
I dont think the final sequence is baffling at all. The mere fact that he doesnt approach them, and is much more somber than usual, tells them something's wrong. And Sarah Jane has known him long enough to get it. As for Alonso, I dont expect him to be more than a bit of momentary happiness for jack. Still, who knows.
As for the mysterious Time Lady, I still say it's Susan Foreman.
And you'll like Matt Smith. Promise.

black__cherry said...

Yeah, I agree, but, somehow, I think it's cheaper to have her there and try to make a big point about her past...only completely ignore it for the rest of the episode. It angered me.

No, what was baffling was the inclusion of Alonso. I didn't see that one coming at all. And I get Sarah Jane understanding what was happening, but why was it that obvious for Mickey and Martha, for example?

I head Rusty somewhere imply that Time Lady is probably his mother.

Even Marco told me he loved the new Doctor, so I'm getting more and more excited for his episodes.

Luís F. Alves said...

An extract from the script (sorry about the formatting):
Far away, outside the church: THE DOCTOR, and the TARDIS.
JUMP CUT TO Wilf & Sylvia, hurrying up to the Doctor.
There now, same old face. Didn't
I say you'd be all right? Oh!
And they arrested Mr Naismith! It
was on the news. Crimes
undisclosed! And his daughter.
Both of 'em, locked up!
But I keep thinking, Doctor...
There's one thing you never told
me. That woman. Who was she?
The Doctor just looks. At Wilf. At Sylvia. At Donna, in
the distance. Friends, mothers, brides.
He's not saying.

Still, worth noting that Donna is Wilf's granddaughter, so... :P