Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Planet of the Dead – a Doctor Who recap

So, previously...sorry, no point in me doing this as the Christmas special is always a stand alone episode.

I'm very impressed by the first couple of shots. They look more movie-ish, but that may be because this reminds me of Mission: Impossible.

And this of Indiana Jones. Hopefully only this was intentional.

WTF MANEKI NEKO. Okay. Interesting.

OMG WHAT'S GWEN DOING THERE? Relax, I know it's not her. I wish it was, though. I've been missing her accent.

Love the dirty Converse sneakers. I wonder if they are like that from regular filming or if they had to “age” them.

And I almost forgot this is an Easter episode. Well, it seems I'm right on time. Kind of.

Again, very nice shot, but I'm a tiny bit bored, mainly because this reminds me of that Donna-less episode where he was on that plane full of people going a bit mental.

Btw, I have tried to see this one before, but ended up skipping a lot of it, so now I'm trying my hardest not to do so.

I want to sonic-screwdrive my glasses until they become sunglasses too!

Never get tired of the silly expressions. I do wonder how Matt Smith is going to play his doctor, because he really does have big shoes to fill. I hope he continues to lick things.

The cop just called UNIT. Is it just my memory or is this the first time in a very long while we hear about them?

Okay, there's something bothering me. Why does she have a sort of Jamaican accent? Better still, why does she sound like the Voodoo Lady from PotC?

Yet more proof of how ridiculous his hair has gotten.

“I'm Christina. Lady Christina, actually.”
“Ooh, that's handy, because I'm a Lord.”
“Of what?”
“It's quite a big estate.”

Oh look, it's Lee Evans doing a very forced accent. How nice. Is that...a...West Country accent? Why not ask Bill Bailey, then? I'd love that, actually.

STRIKE A POSE, VOGUE. And here, we have Ten speaking the language of the alien ants. Ah, I love how this show can always break a tense moment with silliness. I am more engaged in this now, though. I like ant race. They are fun. (Until, that is, they become evil, which they might.)

Shit, they are out of gas.


Okay, sorry for the long, no recap bit, but nothing special was happening. Until, of course, shit happened:

No. Stop. Seriously. Stop. I hate that they feel the need to include stuff like this.

“I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! ...I love you.” Now, this would have been a much more interesting kiss. I love his surprised cat impression.

“We're the perfect team.” I beg to differ. You are no Donna, and you are certainly not DoctorDonna.

“Your song is ending.” Oh dear god, not Riversong again. Anyway, I like that he denied Posh Thief the chance and being a companion and this little teaser at the end was good too. Basically, I liked this episode more than I thought I would.

Well, I can't wait for the next episode, and it's @jjnopants' favorite. He even asked me to recap after I had seen it because he felt it would take away from the awesomeness. Let's see how Waters of Mars goes.


Luís F. Alves said...


UNIT was in the finale for season 4, wasnt it? that's who martha jones was working for, if i remember correctly.

As for the hair, they make a little joke at it in the most recent episode...

black__cherry said...

Maneki Neko is a symbol of good luck in Japan. That's why it weirded me out so much. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maneki_Neko )

Recent episode...of the current season, right?