Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Otomen - episode 2 recap

Oh, hi there. Did you click on this link thinking this was a post about something other than a silly japanese drama? Well, you were wrong.

The episode starts abruptly, in the middle of a classroom, where we see another glimpse of Asuka's childhood: the day when he had to write about what his father did for a living. After his mother arrives, he volunteers to read his essay, which starts out with him stating he doesn't have a father but that his mother is awesome. And then he informs the class that his father is away because he wants to be a woman, so

He also adds that he's looking forward to growing up so he can find out what a "new half" is. Or, you know, he could look it up on Urban Dictionary. Which in turn, prompts this

and this

...and it looks like it was filmed on the same day as that VERY SIMILAR SCENE from the first episode, since most people in it have the same lines. I know this was done for comedic effect, but it isn't very funny.

Okay, so it IS meant to look like Bleach? Actually, come to think of it...is this show inspired by Bleach? Like the guy/girl who wrote this thought that it would be a good idea to have a show about Samural Fluffykins.

What happened before this? I give you 3 choices:

a) she fainted but woke up as he was taking her to the school nurse
b) she slipped on a banana peel, did a front flip and landed on his arms
c) she injured her leg so he's helping her up

If you answered b) SHE SLIPPED ON A BANANA PEEL THEN DID A FRONT FLIP ONLY TO LAND ON HIS ARMS ...you are correct. This probably is the reason that nowadays, I enjoy dramas a lot more than anime. Because the same contrived anime devices happening in real life = lulz.

And then they decide to go to Transfer Student Girl's house, only to find her dad and a bunch of his pupils ready to turn them into human pretzels. She stops them, of course, but I'm too distracted by the title of this episode.

Can you hear that, ladies and gents? IT'S A FUTURE CONFLICT. WHATEVER WILL WE DO.

Asuka goes with Transfer Student Girl to a children-daycare-type-thing so he can help her take care of the kids. He then learns that their “playtime” consists of wrestling, kendo, karate, and

I keep reading that as “combat samba” which sounds a lot more interesting. IT'S A SEXY FIGHT TO THE DEATH. SHAKE THAT ARM OFF HIM. It would still be less violent than Surra de Bunda.

She explains afterward that she only teaches the kids the same kind of “games” she used to play when she was little.

Like so.

I like the little disclaimers. Don't try what? Fighting with a guy in a bear suit doing the worst impersonation of “aggressive bear behavior” I've seen?

There's a kid left behind. He has no mother and while I assume someone will still pick him up, this is all very dramatic. Also, he's hungry. Who you gonna call? Asuka-chan!

Yes, I used that -chan wisely. I've seen manlier meals on lolita forums.

Still, the kid's father arrives, and they both eat the delicious pancakes (though looking at it, that looks like 90% other stuff and 10% pancakes) and reminisce about the mother's cooking and how great it was. AND HOW IMPOSSIBLE IT IS FOR ANYONE TO LEARN HOW TO COOK.

The kid then says “you two are like a mama and the papa”.

...he made a bear-shaped pancake. Did you expect anything else?

Transfer Student Girl can't cook because her mother also died, and she wants to make something delicious for her dad's birthday.

Their english teacher looks Barack Obama. It isn't very clear in the screenshot, but he dresses and kind of sounds like him. An asian, silly version of him.

This is more frightening than Blink.

And then, more PLOT happens, as we find out that – for some reason not at all related to sheer convenience – Transfer Student Girl's dad (you know, the one who is above all A MANLY MAN OF MAN) is training the kendo guys. Of course, he starts his MANLY TESTOSTERONE FILLED training but making the students strip down to their undergarments.


And then, after school ends...

QUIET, ASUKA. I'M DOING THIS FOR SCIENCE. ...or you know, judging from the FOOD and KITCHEN utensils, she may be trying to COOK for her father.

Asuka arrives home to find a table full of sin...GIRLY, HORRIBLE SIN. It has a cake, some stuffed animals and

...which is something that, after 30 seconds of googling, I found to be a made-up one. Shame.

If it's not obvious to you,

...it was a mum trap. And then, this exchange happens:


Seriously, now. I can understand how the stuffed animals and the cute dishes make him “girly”, but liking sweet stuff and being able to cook...well, Hitler didn't know how to paint, and look how he turned out. Just sayin'.

Ooh, he's been found out! (How surprising! It's not like Douchebag Guy had already confirmed this information 15 minutes into the first episode.)

And then he decides to fight Transfer Student Girl's dad. If he gets a point, then the dad has to promise him something. 20$ this ends being something like “you must let your daughter cook for you”.

And of course he wins.

BECAUSE YOU'RE A WOMAN. Or something. I have no idea.

They go grocery shopping afterward so they can make a chicken stew similar to what her mum made when she was alive and able to read directions from a cooking book.

Even though I could be all like “I LIKE THE BIGGER ONES, MYSELF”, this is actually useful information.

Also useful. Just wish I knew what “taros” are.

Her father gets home, all “OMGZ WHY ARE YOU SO NICE TO ME, I WANT YOU TO EAT CRAPPY TAKE OUT, YOU BITCH” and then...well, you owe 20$.

He eventually stops bitching and climaxes from the taste of the stew. We learn the reason why he whines so much about his daughter's cooking: it reminds him of his dead wife.

I am craving asian food really bad. I really wish I had some rice, and chicken and...

*spits out water* OKAY. “He'll be a good wife!” And suddenly, there's no conflict. Huh.

Next time, it's the haunted house episode. Really, Otomen? Do we really need a filler episode? And a haunted house one at that? God. I miss Hi, My Sweetheart.


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