Saturday, 18 September 2010

On births.

I am now 24 and I've just recalled that I still have a blog, so I might as well write something.

I was just talking with mum, as I sometimes do, about how it was to have kids and the actual birth itself. With absolute easy and with some amusement, she told me the following (note that I was her second child):

1 - She went to the beach on the 10th. I was born September 11th, 1986, around 10am. As she recalls, she "dragged her large belly" to beach because it had been such a nice summer, and she had done "this whole kid business" before, so why not enjoy it? Gotta love her.

2 - When her contractions started, instead of rushing to the hospital like she did with my brother, she proceeded to clean every corner of the house, because bending down/being on all fours helps...and the house sure got nice and tidy.

3 - The reason why she stayed in as long as possible was to "avoid all the other pregnant women" because "it's completely mental in there". So, instead of being stuck for days on end in a cold, possibly quite uncomfortable hospital, she waited comfortably (or as comfortably as you can while having extreme pain and cleaning your house) and around 1am, off she went. Her warning: "Se eu gritar, deixem-me gritar. Quando eu sentir que preciso de ir para o hospital, aviso."

4 - I was born in the morning, with almost no effort. She stayed 3 extra days in the hospital, because I was born on a friday (less people working on weekends, means she only got cleared the following monday). She was "surprised, but delighted" to find I was quite tall.

5 - She never had any morning sickness - or any queasiness at all, for that matter - during the pregnancy. The only thing that was hard to deal with was the kicking. Why? In the later stages, kids "turn" inside the belly, which meant the feet are nearer to the chest. Because I was quite big, each time I kicked her, she almost couldn't breathe. Yikes.

6 - I wasn't planned. But she wasn't surprised when the doctor said she was pregnant. She was surprised "and very relieved!" that it was just one kid. My grandfather had a twin, so it could happen to her. She now believes that because she "escaped" having twins, that it might happen to either me or my brother. Huzzah. I think. Hm.

7 - My name was decided as soon as she heard the words "it's a girl" at 20-something weeks. She had to fight to have her way, though, because my dad opposed greatly to it, so the compromise was each got to give me a first name. Which, if you consult my identity card, resulted in a ridiculous clusterfuck.

So, what about you all? What did your mothers tell you about their pregnancies?


Luís F. Alves said...

"we almost aborted you."
she meant it in the nicest possible way, though.

black__cherry said...

I'm...kind of sorry I even asked. What...why...huh?


Luís F. Alves said...

lol, it's probably best if i tell it in private...