Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Otomen - episode 5 recap

Still at the beach, Asuka trains and Bad Hair Dude comes over.

I disagree. I've seen better looking sunfish. I fucking love those guys. I was once at Oceanário and I had already been there a couple of times, so I have no idea how I missed it, but I was incredibly startled by one. It went more or less like this:

Cherry: *stares at pretty fish* ...this is so soothing. Ooh, there's a stingray! And that one is quite colorf—WHATHTEFUCKISTHAT.
Sunfish: *looms*


Cherry: I love sunfish!

No idea what that is. Fantastic.

Do you really? Because his hair is even worse in this fantasy.

Translation = he has blue balls. Girly, sparkly blue balls.

Exibit A.

The drama here is that there's another beach hut that's attracting a lot more customers. Also, it's buying all the small huts so Bad Hair Dude's uncle is in danger of losing his.

The finesse of a 5 year old. (If you are confused, this is Asuka's attempt at creating FANCY DRINKS to attract little girls THE LADIES.)

Friday, 15 October 2010

Otomen - episode 4 recap

The beach episode! If I was getting paid for my guesses, I'd be rich by now.

Wait, what? So he hangs around the school...but he wasn't a student there?. K. MAKES PERFECT SENSE.

Yes, tell us.

Ah, of course. I've often changed schools just to beat up a rival. That's obviously not something you could do at ANY POINT, in ANY PLACE. No, you have to be at the same school.

*cue youtube slash montage* Something similar to this :

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Trivial Pursuit cards - the misspelled and the puzzling

A few weeks ago, I was at a friend's house when we all decided to play some Trivial Pursuit. Bare in mind this: as a kid, and up to that particular point, I always found the game a decent enough challenge. Sure, you'd get the odd tv-related question that everyone could answer, but it was far more likely that you'd be discussing weird shit like "who was the last king of the House of Wessex" or something of that sort. At least in my edition, the family one - and they called it that because you had yellow cards for the kids and blue cards for the adults, so as to level the challenge for everyone.

See, I always got very embarrassed when I missed a question, because I knew that I had to succeed to be considered as cultured as my mum is. Except that when we play against her, we have to make her play with 4 wheels...and she still wins.

Regardless, I was taken aback by how FUCKING EASY the questions were on a much more recent version of the game. Questions like "who is the tiger in the comic Calvin and Hobbes" wouldn't even appear on the kids questions of the family version of Trivial Pursuit. Of course, the kind of questions that do appear in that version are far weirder than you could ever imagine.

I always tell this story about a particular Trivial Pursuit card I have that was completely misprinted to the point that it still makes sense, but in a very odd and WRONG way. Firstly, I'd like to show you the simpler mistakes. [Note that I'll always be discussing the "pink" questions.]

The misspellings

Let's consider the question. "Which blonde was the recruit that did crazy things?" Answer: Goldie Hawn, for the question is referencing the portuguese title of Private Benjamin, "Loucuras de uma recruta". Let's look at the back of the card.

Oh, my bad. The real answer was Godie Hawn.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Otomen - episode 3 recap

Hey, folks, welcome back to “gender roles, how do they work”, aka Otomen.

I have a feeling I'll be skipping most of this episode. We'll see.

You know what's really fascinating? How do you keep that hairstyle in the middle of a rainstorm?

Though you can't quite see it, this picture contains two things: firstly, a character that is barely explained to us and then...the worst fake mustache in the history of the world. Oh, also, it has the “plot”.

Would also be nice if you had a story. Ever heard about cabs? Or going home despite the rain? It's not like there's thunder or something of the sort.

...okay, two seconds later, and we hear one. I give up.

I know that the number 4 and the word "death" are pronounced similarly in japanese, but this is still the shittiest scare ever. Really, you're scared of a ghost who obviously has no idea how to work a phone? At least the dude/guys/whatever from Scream could chat with you before he murdered you in some horrible fashion.

Okay, this is a tiny bit scary, I'll give in. What is it the japanese and creepy children?

And of course, the traditional Ringu reference. 37,5$ says that these creepy apparitions are either a school organized “event” or they are just children – of...someone – protecting themselves from the storm...and walking creepily on corridors.

I just know there's going to be a “OH, HOW GOOFY OF US” explanation.