Saturday, 9 October 2010

Otomen - episode 3 recap

Hey, folks, welcome back to “gender roles, how do they work”, aka Otomen.

I have a feeling I'll be skipping most of this episode. We'll see.

You know what's really fascinating? How do you keep that hairstyle in the middle of a rainstorm?

Though you can't quite see it, this picture contains two things: firstly, a character that is barely explained to us and then...the worst fake mustache in the history of the world. Oh, also, it has the “plot”.

Would also be nice if you had a story. Ever heard about cabs? Or going home despite the rain? It's not like there's thunder or something of the sort.

...okay, two seconds later, and we hear one. I give up.

I know that the number 4 and the word "death" are pronounced similarly in japanese, but this is still the shittiest scare ever. Really, you're scared of a ghost who obviously has no idea how to work a phone? At least the dude/guys/whatever from Scream could chat with you before he murdered you in some horrible fashion.

Okay, this is a tiny bit scary, I'll give in. What is it the japanese and creepy children?

And of course, the traditional Ringu reference. 37,5$ says that these creepy apparitions are either a school organized “event” or they are just children – of...someone – protecting themselves from the storm...and walking creepily on corridors.

I just know there's going to be a “OH, HOW GOOFY OF US” explanation.

The next day, Isono – the guy looking for umbrellas – has aged a lot because of the shock. As in Otomen world, you can believe just about everything, they completely buy this.

This kinda reminds me of Bible Black. NOT THAT I'VE SEEN IT OR ANYTHING. I'VE READ ABOUT IT. FROM AFAR.

It really is ridiculous.

“This episode is boring as fuck!”

Obviously, in all of this, Asuka tries to hide the fact that he's terrified. BECAUSE, LIKE A GIRL, HE GETS SCARED EASILY. OH, GIRLS, WITH THEIR FEELINGS.

And we have conflict again, as Thin Guy From Bleach joins the kendo club, just to remind us he's still a sort of villain.

Either that, or Transfer Student Girl's father found him on the streets DESTROYING PLANTS and thought to himself “oh my, this child needs to be saved!”. Seriously, that's the backstory.

I wouldn't think otherwise, Thin Guy From Bleach. You are so emotive. I wish you guys could see how sedated he sounds when he's trying to seem angry.

I'm not sure about that. Let's ask for a second opinion. What do you think about this, Cranberries?

I see. Also, I love that this show also has that moment where the main guy is very troubled and half-naked. I'm always troubled when I'm half-naked, I totally understand him.

I'm sorry too. I wish I was more invested in the story, but there isn't one. Honestly, guys, what's happened here is that for some reason, the kendo team is sleeping at school and random scaryyyyyyyyyy things keep happening.

Here, Asuka recalls that Douchebag Guy told him to grow some balls and ask Transfer Student Girl out. He does so, then chickens out so that she understands that he only wants to help her cook – FOR THE MILLIONTH BILLIONTH TIME – and not, you know, get freaky with her. And even if he did, he couldn't, because he's TOTALLY A GIRL OMGZ.

He's talking about the guy on the right. Funnily enough, this is actually one of the more plausible things in the series.

Compare that to front flipping into someone's arms after slipping on a banana peel.

This is apparently his great-grandfather's gravestone. Why it's on a SCHOOL GARDEN, nobody questions, but apparently the ghost lady tormenting everyone thinks Asuka is Asuka, the First.

When I said he was a douchebag, I wasn't kidding. Douchebag guy is the “ghost girl”.

Oh, but there's an actual ghost who possesses Transfer Student Girl. Have I mentioned I hate haunted house episodes?

And you are left writing scripts for japanese dramas. Ghost girl tells Asuka to confess to Transfer Student Girl, but if this drama has taught me anything, is that said event will unfold like every other anime, thus only being provoked by some dramatic event in the last few episodes.

When you see it, you will shit bricks. I'm not kidding, look at that screenshot carefully.

And next episode looks like the one where they go to the beach/somewhere on holiday and shit happens. HOPEFULLY SOME STORY.


takeshima rikayuki said...

i would say.. you need to WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE. I know it's none of my business but it annoys people. duuuh!

Anonymous said...

this is the worst recap ever. doesnt even talk about what happened in the episode.

Anonymous said...

this is the worst recap of an episode ever. does not even tell what happened in the episode other than screenshots. lame...