Friday, 15 October 2010

Otomen - episode 4 recap

The beach episode! If I was getting paid for my guesses, I'd be rich by now.

Wait, what? So he hangs around the school...but he wasn't a student there?. K. MAKES PERFECT SENSE.

Yes, tell us.

Ah, of course. I've often changed schools just to beat up a rival. That's obviously not something you could do at ANY POINT, in ANY PLACE. No, you have to be at the same school.

*cue youtube slash montage* Something similar to this :

And then he FIGHTS HIS LOVE. Or rival. I can't tell which.

You are a big boy, aren't you?

The top? You can't handle the top! You are a power bottom.

And he wants me to bring some hot guys people for the beach episode, so they can attract more customers the viewers, who are mostly girls and will be squealing at the sight of semi-naked dudes. Also, there's a place that's taking all of his customers creating some conflict for you to resolve and grow as a character even though you could do the same by staying here.


Asuka later finds Thin Guy From Bleach training his emo kendo, alone at night.
Douchebag Guy and his sidekick, Some Girl, know that Thin Guy From Bleach has said that he is “lost without Asuka” so they decide he has a severe case of TEH GAYZ. Finally, this drama is in line with my thoughts.

“I want him inside me.”

I wasn't that far off, now was I? Still, it's less fun when I don't have to take this out of context. He's actually speaking in a manner that makes Douchebag Guy and Sidekick Some Girl believe he also suffers from TEH GAYZ.

Oh, Sidekick Some Girl, don't try to fight it. You are excited. You aren't? Your mouth says no, but your water bottles say yes.

This is fucking torture. I WANT THAT. RIGHT NOW. ALL OF IT.

To attract kids, the owner of the beach hut decides to make the guys do a sort of Power Ranger-type-play-thing.

Somehow, I found this pretty funny. I AM AMUSED BY CIRCLES WITH PEOPLE IN THEM.

And then they had sex.


Not really, because there's a long winded speech in with Thin Guy From Bleach explains that his sole reason for carrying on with his life is to pursue his rival, Asuka.

Meanwhile, there's some showcase with famous models at the beach, and because they get stuck in traffic, they look for a substitute, first, they stumble upon the mean girls at school and ask them, but after the guy runs to the beach hut for a glass of water

...he decides THAT PLOT SHOULD HAPPEN, and thus he picks Transfer Student Girl for the job.
He still has no stylists – presumably, also stuck in the land of CONVINIENT FOR THE PLOT – so he tries to coerce two girls who do something other than that – nobody explains what they do, which is unsurprising.

It's like a cake wreck in human form.

And then, obviously, Asuka goes all Project Runway on us. I have to note this: each time he goes into Otomen mode, the porno music plays. It's still a bit jarring.

Otomen mode = sparkly mode. Still, I like that he has very nice hands. Very dainty.

Unfortunately, his taste is still atrocious.

“I'm just FABULOUS.”

Okay, he's doing the hair and makeup.

Isn't that origami, though?






Do these guys all come from the same school of “girly men”? FUCKING TASTE, HOW DOES IT WORK.

The event starts, and after Transfer Student Girl makes the most anticlimactic entrance ever, the host introduces the “beauty samurai”.

Actually, the one person I know that does makeup professionally tells me this is an absolute no-no.

And no one will ever know who they are, because everyone has lost the ability to turn around. Still, they bond and share their usernames at Specktra.

Even though he's very faintly hiding that he liked sharing his true self with Asuka, his words have the same emphasis as before. “You are my rival. You are my enemy. You are zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....”

Next episode: they are apparently still at the beach and there will be silly competitions that will tie and then on the last sport they choose to do, either the good guys win, or the bad guys win but then realize the good guys are so good, they win anyway. Yep, see you in the next TOTALLY ORIGINAL STORYLINE.


otomenmangafan said...

do you know where i can watch this series? i've already tried watching it in dramacrazy or similar but always the links are broken.