Friday, 25 March 2011

The Eleventh Hour - Doctor Who s5e1 recap

Well, it's been a bloody long time, hasn't it? I promise to finish Otomen, but life has been quite hectic, but I've finally managed to sort out some free time to do this. And why, you ask, are you doing this before finishing Otomen or showing us the rest of those CRAYZAY Trivial Pursuit cards? Well, a number of reasons:

  • @jjnopants has been waiting for this for a while
  • @theent and another friend have been watching the show from the beginning (well, the beginning of the new seasons), so that alone has made me want to watch the show again
  • rather tired of having to avoid spoilers all the time
  • I just want to, okay?

Now, bare in mind, I saw the first episode with @jjnopants, after an evening of drinking, about a year ago, so I'm adapting some notes I took then, on his MANLY notebook—but I'm also watching the episode again, to see if I feel any different, for at the time I was very unimpressed. It was just after “The End of Time”, so it was quite jarring to see this new bloke who wasn't Tennant. It's exactly how I felt after the end of the first season, though by the end of the Christmas Invasion, I was willing to give Tennant a chance. Unfortunately, it wasn't the same with Matt Smith. We'll see if I change my mind.

OMG. It''s...LONDON! What a shocking turn of events.

Already with stuff in his mouth. Score one for NewNewNewNewNewNewNewNewNewNewNew Doctor.

What the flying fuck are these credits? The lettering bothers me a lot. I love you, Murray Gold, but I really dislike this arrangement. I wish Moffat didn't feel the need to change eeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything evar.

She is wishing for lots of stuff...and then we can hear the sound of the TARDIS landing. Also, I know this is Amy Pond. Just not sure why she's...this young. How do I know this? Well, I've seen pictures of the companion, I know she's ginger, so it only makes sense for this to be her.

OH HAI THUR. Wow, this really brings back memories of Partners in Crime. 10 always did a great "O HAI" face. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Oh, cheesy CGI of the Doctor', you were missed. So far, lots of things that remind me of previous seasons. The little girl is quite adorable. The Doctor is being a bit of a git, though:

“I'm the Doctor. Do everything I tell you, don't ask any stupid questions and don't wander off.”


He wanted an apple and now he's spitting it out. The doctor has cravings and is being weird with his food. Is he pregnant?

Want. To. Say. Something. About. This. Screencap. Out. Of. Context. GAAAAAH. In any case, he doesn't like yogurt either.

“You're Scottish, fry something.”

Yeah, I think he's a plonker too.

She then gives him bacon, beans, bread with butter. Despite the fact that he always spits them out or, in the cast of the last one, throws the plate out of the door whilst shouting “and STAY OUT!”, this is making me very hungry.

Also: this is the wasp episode all over again. Seriously, stop everything that you are doing, click on the link and go watch that scene. Donna was so fucking hilarious in it.

Fish fingers + custard = possibly one of the most disturbing screencaps I've ever made. And who else saw this and thought “I must try it”? Oh, someone has already done that? I see.

England is, according to Ms. Amelia, RAH-BISH. No discernible accent on the Doctor, though.

That apple reeks of “plot point”. Also, the Doctor is investigating Amy Pond's scary crack (in her bedroom wall, you perverts) and after pointing the screwdriver at it he says “wibbly-wobbly timey wimey”...not convinced, Mr. Smith.

Nananananannananannana BAT-DOCTOR.

O...kay then. Some mention of “prisoner zero” having escaped.

He promises to fetch her in 5 minutes, and we all know the Doctor is very good at hitting precise points in time.

Poor Amy.

Oh, Doctor, never change. Breaking into houses, being late as's just how he rolls.

I can make it at home, for nothing! What the hell am I talking about? Shame on you for not remembering Goodness Gracious Me.

And Olivia Coleman! That is her, right? And all the coma patients are shouting “Doctor”. Reminds me of The Empty Child and one crucial point in season 3.


Well, Amelia Pond has certainly grown up. And she's a police officer? In what department? The Incredibly Short Skirt Bureau?

“Where is Amelia? Has something happened to her?” Well, not to her, but to her LEGS. HAVE YOU SEE THEM GAMS?

Well, if you haven't...there they are. Again. Hot tights. In any case, Clearly Amy Pond is telling him Amelia Pond is no longer there. Are they just...different people, then?

FRECKLES. I'm sorry, I gingers.

This wasn't to include yet another shot of her legs, but to make a point about how I didn't exactly get at what point he lost his sonic screwdriver.

The way that thing came down was SUPER CREEPY. Eeek.

I'm a kissogram! BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, Doctor Who.

He's trying to explain the whole creature-that-is-the-corner-of-your-eye-but-is-also-a-man-and-a-dog ...but I can't stop focusing on the fact that they still had HER LEG in the shot.

Meep! Angler-person is almost as scary as water-people.

One of my favorite things: licking stuff to see what it is. And the fangirls rejoice. He concludes the shed is 12 years old. “Why did you say 6 months??”

“Why did you say 5 minutes?!”

Doctor: You were a little girl, 5 minutes ago!
Amy: You're worse than my aunt!
Doctor: I'm the Doctor, I'm worse than everybody's aunt.

That spaceship is totally going to kick some ice...or murder the world in 20 minutes.

This episode sponsored by Multiopticas.

I really love the following sequence, which was apparently done by just taking a lot of photographs. Really cool stuff.

And there, in her perfectly manicured hands is the apple PLOT POINT. She believes him, finally. And finally we get doing-stuff-to-save-the-world-music.

No TARDIS, no screwdriver...17 minutes. This is going quite well.

The “good looking guy” can't lend his laptop to the Doctor. Why? Pr0n!

“Blimey. Get a girlfriend, Jeff.” And then, Jeff gets to save the world, but not without a recommendation:

“Delete your internet history.”

Now, I know shit will happen now because Olivia Coleman was in a coma...and she's now walking.

Yep. Told ya.

“The universe is cracked. The pandorica [?] will open. Silence will fall.” FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Foreshadowing from the first episode... Sometimes, this show makes me want to break things.

“No TARDIS, no screwdriver, 2 minutes to spare...WHO DA MAN?” You're the man now, dog. And by jove, that was awkward.

The thing decides to take Amelia's body and thus transforms into Tiny Amelia, since Amy still thinks of that time with the Doctor. I really like that little girl. She's brilliant in this.

“Silence, Doctor. The silence will fall.” Okay, okay. We get it. Can you stop with the foreshadowing , please?

“I'm saving the world, I need a decent shirt.”

And she refused to turn her back to catch a glimpse of Timelord ass. I like Amy.

The Doctor calls back the aliens to ask them a simple question.

“Is this world protected?”

Fucking awesome montage is awesome. But where the fuck did he get his bow-tie?

And the aliens fucked off. I have to say...this part of the episode was indeed epic.

“Oh you sexy thing.” We're not talking about Amy, despite the red glow. He means the inside of the TARDIS.

Sorry, Amy. The Doctor left you for a sexy TARDIS. Can you blame him? Oh, he came back. WHAT A SURPRISE. NO ONE EXPECTED THAT.

“Bow-ties are cool.” Well, it's certainly better than the technicolor coat you rocked in the 80's.

So he was a bit late. Again. By about...2 years. Amy Legs is pissed.

Oh, Amy, it's not about the size of the ship. It's the motion of the ocean.

That's certainly big. And different. And a bit retro, in a way. I like it.

Liked the blue LED better. dress? Runaway bride? Again? Well, shite.

I'll be honest: I like Amy, I really do. She's a very interesting character. The new Doctor...I'm not sure. I'll give him a go, but I'm not at all convinced. Most of his excitement seems a tad forced, and very 10-ish. See, I'm not reluctant because he's different. I feel that way because he's not different enough. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

That last comment is exactly what I thought upon watching that episode. It was the last two episodes of the 5th series that really made me like the new Doctor. :)
Amy, well it only took one episode really.