Friday, 20 May 2011

The Beast Below - Doctor Who s5e2 recap

After a couple of troublesome days, exams are semi-over. I'd go into explaining why they are "semi-over" but I prefer not to dwell in negative stuff.

I do, however, have some extra guess what time it is? MOAR DOCTOR WHO.

Unsurpringly british.

“Bad boy, Timmy.” WAT. Doctor Who sure loves creepy dolls. So this cute ginger boy apparently got a zero on some test and now he has to walk home? He takes an elevator and--


I want her hair. I want to marry it.

“It's Britain, but metal.”

“We are observers. That's the number one rule in my travels, I never get involved.”

You lie, New Doctor. You lie.

“Sorry, checking all water in this area. There's an escaped fish.” Not going to lie, that was very amusing. He does deadpan quite well.

So Amy investigates the crying girl, ignores a keep out [I originally wrote "keep left"] sign and keeps having big eyes.

Meanwhile, the Doctor gets stuck in an outtake of V for Vendetta with someone who sounds very familiar, but I can't quite place it. So the water not moving is weird because a ship that big would vibrate. I did think it was a bit...quiet for a large ship.

And Amy is in a room, about to learn the plot twist about 40 minutes too early secret of the ship, and she has 3 buttons: record, protest and forget.

She presses the latter button and eventually sees a message from herself that she recorded, saying she should just leave as soon as possible to keep the Doctor safe. Intriguing.

“Amy, what have you done?” ...a lot more than you have so far, Mr. Bowtie.

Doctor: “The computer doesn't detect me as human.”
Amy: “You look human.”
Doctor: “You look timelord, we came first.”

Doctor: “Say weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Still a douche, I see. A more lovable one, though.

The big scary pit takes them into the dump and Amy's comment says it all. “It's mingin'!”


Pistol-twirling sexy black lady saves the world.

This is suddenly a Tarantino movie. I like it. And she's...the queen. Yeah. You heard that right. And the queen is investigating her subjects because she feels there's something odd going on. Then, the guys in capes take her to “the tower”, where we find out the spaceship is being powered by a creature...who actually doesn't eat children. Surprising.

The queen is actually 300 years old (would still hit that) and every 10 years, she gets to this point, where she investigates and then gets to the point of having to either forget or abdicate. Guess which one she always picked?

“You don't ever decide what I need to know.” All this because she pressed the forget button without realizing it. “When I'm done here, you're going home.” YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE. THE BOWTIE DOESN'T DISTRACT FROM THAT FACT.

We do really have a theme now with showing people's eyes, don't we? Amy realizes that the children are the key.

You go, Amy! If you couldn't tell, she pressed the other button and the doctor was all OMG WTF YOU RUINED EVERYTHING FOREVER.

“If you were very old, and that kind, and the last of your couldn't just stand there and watch children cry.”

Fuck yeah, Amy. I get the feeling I'm going to say that phrase a lot.

He's still a little bitch, you realize that, right?

The Doctor then receives a call...from...Churchill?



Veridict: Warming up to it. Warming up.


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