Thursday, 30 June 2011

Literary Cleanup, book #12*

*Because it totally counts as a "book on my shelf", even though I had to read it for a class I was taking this year. Well, college caught up with me and I pretty much lost my mind. Couple that with the fact that getting through Dirk Gently's Holistic Agency is proving to be incredibly difficult, and you have a span of almost a year between the last book I reviewed (I use that word loosely, of course) and this one.

Nome de Guerra - Almada Negreiros (avaliable at your local library)

Apart from Manifesto Anti-Dantas and some of his paintings, I knew very little about Almada Negreiros. In fact, I didn't even know how much of a pioneer he was. We can see his work throughout Portugal, be it sculptures, paintings, quotes or murals, he's kind of...everywhere, really. But that's a subject for another post. For my money (or no money, really, since I use libraries religiously, and I advise you all to do the same), is it worth it to read "Nome de Guerra"?

I'd say that it's worth it for what it is. I'll explain. It's Negreiros' only novel and it's a very important work for its time. Though it was published in 1938 it was written much, much earlier, in 1925. Which means that it actually coincided with the Presença magazine movement, which Negreiros was also a part of. I'd say it's a very relevant book in portuguese literature...but I didn't really like it.

It has a very fragmented structure, so you learn the story from short snippets that are not directly linked, sometimes. The main guy is called Luís Antunes and he's a small town, simple guy. You can see already where this is going, right? If your hunch was "goes to the city, gets amazed by the sights and the women", you are correct. He eventually meets a prostitute who calls herself Judite and starts a sort of journey where he discovers who he really is. The book doesn't end with him feeling bad about being "tainted" and wanting to go back to his simple country life. No, that's...the middle of the book. And then the realizes that he is a new man and that he will make his own life wherever he wants to. And that both Maria (his country bride) and Judite were the same: just steps to reach his final goal of fully knowing himself.

The book is also peppered with lots of monologues from the narrator in which he discusses peculiar aspects of life (such as why we have names in the first place), that serve as a parallel for the events Antunes goes through, but they can also be interpreted as his own introspection, albeit with a distant tone.

In itself, as I've mentioned, it's a very interesting piece, but it didn't captivate me. Perhaps it was because I had read similar-themed works that I quite enjoyed (A Queda Dum Anjo being one of them) or maybe it was just his style of writing, but really, it all boils down to the fact that I couldn't relate to anything. Well, except for the brothels.


Por sorte, a vaca não tem apelidos de família para lhe complicarem a existência. Mas, como é animal doméstico, vem a dar-lhe na mesma que tenha ou que não tenha apelidos. O ser animal doméstico faz com que fique dentro da circunscrição dos apelidos da família em casa de quem serve. A vaca é «Pomba», «Estrela», «Aurora» ou «Vitória» como uma pessoa podia ser apenas José, Maria, Luís ou Judite. É a domesticidade que leva a estas designações e para evitar o opróbrio da fria enumeração. São feitos da gentileza com facilidades para distinguir. Mas a verdade é que o facto de alguém ser Joana ou Manuel já é mais do que ser apenas homem ou mulher. Ser homem ou mulher é apenas a natureza; chamar-se João ou Manuela já é a natureza mais a vida inteira: é o problema. E se o João é Sousa e a Manuela é Pereira, então, à natureza e à vida junte-se-lhes ainda por cima a existência e complicou-se o problema.

Monday, 27 June 2011

The Time of Angels - Doctor Who s5e4 recap


I'm watching this one right after Victory of the Daleks, to see if I am more excited about one I know nothing about. In fact, I won't even look up the name for it.

DA FUQ. “She's here”, apparently. Oh no. It's Riversong, isn't it?

Damn, girl, those are some hot heels. Well, more like fuck me pumps. Is this the episode where we find out she and the Doctor bumped uglies? (I randomly found this gif, btw.)

Matching your nail polish to your shoes? Tsk, tsk.

This season does have a thing with eyes. And yeah, it's Riversong.

LEGS! Also, I remember first seeing set pictures of them and she was wearing that same outfit, so I assume the pictures I saw were from this episode. They are in a very old museum and that thing is a home box. What's a home box?

It's a box that gets home when shit happens. Also, the writing is gallifreyan. Add that information to this:

And it kinda makes me think that she is a timelady/human hybrid. You know, the thing that couldn't exist before. Sigh, I still mourn the loss of DoctorDonna. Well, I had thought about it before, but I mostly thought she and the Doctor did the pants tango together.

The message is “hello sweetie”.

You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

I am trying to keep an open mind, here, because I didn't really like Riversong when she first appeared. She certainly isn't making me change my mind so far.

So why am I not surprised that a Moffat-penned episode includes her and angels?

The Doctor asks “why didn't it make that noise” when Riversong lands the ship very smoothly. He's talking about this noise. Apparently, he always leaves the breaks on, because it's not supposed to make that noise.

“Time is not the boss of me.”

So he's trying to run away from Riversong. How admirable.

Doctor: “Amy, this is Prof. Riversong.”
Riversong: “I'm going to be a professor, am I? SPOILERSSSS.”

I fucking hate that line. It's not clever nor funny. As we've understood before, they keep meeting in the wrong order. So she has a handy diary to keep track of where they are supposed to be.

“Doctor, what do you know of the weeping angels?” Riversong was investigating the ship covertly (I guess) as it crashed, she noted that there's something in it that can never die.

And at this point, thousands of children are trying not to blink.

The IPad 7 is a bit bulky, isn't it? Wikipedia is looking good, though.

“Anybody need me?” Of course we do, Legs McLegly.

Bad move, Amy.

Extremely bad move. Note that the door has locked itself (or something) while she's been in there. And the image of an angel...becomes itself an angel. Hm.

Oh shit, son.

“River, hug Amy, because I'm busy”. Yep, the Doctor is still a massive prick. Note that Amy kind of saved herself again and was remarkably calm throughout. But he's busy.

Soldier Guy: “He doesn't know what you are yet, does it? Otherwise he won't help us.”
Riversong: “It's too early.”

And then, she mentions prison.

Time agent? Nah, Moffat probably created something completely different. Unless she's really a time lady. In which case: DONNA WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER.

Btw, they are in a huge maze filled with status, so it's going to be very easy to find...a statue.

Eyes again? I'm betting this season's big bad is a giant eye. Oh wait, that's episode 1.

Well, I'm fine, as long as she doesn't turn into water.

This is why Doctor Who needs better video game adaptations.

So they are all fucked and the Doctor decides to turn off his torch (after telling all of them to do the same, of course).

And they discover that every single statue is a weeping angel.

Credit to bluetooth16 via the LJ Doctor Who community. I'd make some of my own, but gifsoup is being a bitch and this is one of those days where I simply don't feel like searching for gif-making software again.

This was Bob. Was being the operative word. He was killed by the angels but still managed to communicate with the Doctor. And Amy?

She's partially made of stone, now. The Doctor asks her to concentrate. Very Kill Bill, this. Wiggle your big toe, Amy.

And then the Doctor BITES Amy. Maybe she's a vampire now.

Big nose. Oh, sorry, right, recap. So he just finds a way out. And stuff. No? Oh, right, it's a double episode. Hm. Interesting. He shot something but I have no idea what. See you guys next time, when shit happens. And do not blink.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Victory of the Daleks - Doctor Who s5e3 recap

Hello thar, Church. “Time to roll out the secret weapon.”

I'd be more surprised if it wasn't for the end of last episode.

“Oh, stop it, Winston, I said I'm committed!” #IfIwroteDoctorWho

It's the army's new secret weapon. Oh yeah, this will TOTALLY end well.

This reminds me...does the BBC have the original sketches – if there were any – of the Daleks? Amy doesn't remember the Daleks. This is somehow weird, even though we've established before that people have a very short memory about aliens.

A Dalek just offered someone tea. I spat my lunch laughing.

The Doctor is trying to convince everyone that the Daleks are evil but no one is paying attention because of Amy's terribly short skirt. At least, that's what I assume.

You know, when 9 was cruel to a Dalek in the first season, I felt for him. And even though I know the Daleks are evil I just look at this one and think “he's mental”.

And then they activate. And transmit the message that they've found the Doctor to a Dalek ship. Oh, jolly.

Scientist guy: “I've created you!”
Daleks: “No, we've created you.”

The Doctor then fucks off on his own, leaving Amy in the safety of...World War II.

He threatens the Daleks with the TARDIS self-destruct that...a biscuit?

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Otomen - episode 7 recap

Remember how picture heavy the last recap was? Well, this was such a interesting episode that I didn't even screencap half as much as I did last time.

To recap:

This is Douchebag Guy and Sidekick Girl. He is a shoujo manga writer and basically publishes what he sees happen between Asuka and Transfer Student Girl.

He doesn't want to be interviewed. BECAUSE ONLY GIRLS WRITE SHOUJO.

“Love-tic” is the manga Douchebag Guy writes. You know, the one that looks like Bleach.

Next day, in class, they all doing sketches of Asuka and Isono (the guy who drowned, but didn't) when the teacher notices that Douchebag Guy draws really well. Asuka is intrigued...but only because he thinks Douchebag Guy is also a fan of the manga. Then, Transfer Student Girl arrives and they squee for 5 minutes

Even he's WTFing all of the place.

He later learns that he's nominated for an award, and comes up with a genius plan.


...randomly, we see that Asuka's dad and Transfer Student Girl's dad were friends and that Asuka's dad is now working as a shoujo author. Other things he's working: polka dots. Get it, gurl.

I'm now taking guesses as to how long they will go on not realizing the manga is about them.

Oh geez. If you can't tell, that's Ms. Manly, Asuka's dad.

Yes, indeed. A magician makes you believes in impossible things.

This, by the way, is the reaction to his sister – Sidekick Girl is apparently his sister – telling him she can't show up and that he has to, as we say in portuguese, “desemerdar-se”.

In a touching moment, Asuka's dad meets his son, and gives him an autograph after Asuka reveals he always loved her work.

As expected, Love-Tic wins whatever award it was nominated for, and the author goes out to receive it

Cute shoes and the most tasteful makeup I've seen Thin Guy From Bleach do so far. And yes, Douchebag Guy called him especially to sparkle all over his face.

Oh god, they almost figured it out. And then the episode ended. * sigh *

Next episode: birthdays and a possible confession of TWU WUV (though I doubt this will actually happen...I mean, we are only in episode 8, and stuff like that only happens in the last episode)

Shortest recap yet! Huzzah!