Friday, 5 August 2011

Vincent and the Doctor - Doctor Who s5e10 recap

BILL NIGHY! This is off to a good start.

Amy suspects the Doctor isn't telling her anything because he's been taking her to lots of nice places.

And they find a evil looking face in a painting. How that is a face, I don't know. But off to investigate they go!

Before they fangirl about each other's ties, the Doctor asks Bill the exact date of the painting. It was done the night before he killed himself. I hope it's not a giant bee again.

Nice polish colour. I've noticed Amy favours dusty colours. Even a few episodes ago she was wearing a sort of grey-ish purple. And yes, I know this is interesting to no one.

Nice job with the actor. He finds Amy cute and proceeds to ask her...

Vincent: “That accent of yours...are you from Holland, like me?”
Amy: “No.”
Doctor: “Yes!”

They fangirl over each other's hair. I think I may have said this at least 10 times in the last few recaps, but I love gingers. I love their freckles, their almost translucent eyelashes, their general...gingerness.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Cold Blood - Doctor Who s5e9 recap

I'm sorry for the wait. I had a decent backlog of posts but then I started working so that all fell apart. To make for that, I'll try to post 2 more recaps this week. "Try" being the operative word.

It starts with a narration. The Doctor helped the two races coexist. This is that story. Hm. Very "The End of Time", this.

“The front door is the best way to enter, of course.”

So that only took...2 minutes.

The mad surgeon gets called away just in time. Maybe he went for lunch.

Amy cleverly pickpocketed him and sets herself and the other bloke free. Trying to find a way out, they find his kid instead.

I assume he's also being transformed into a tree.

Rory is remarkable in this. The alien lady said one of them will kill her and he's trying his best to keep everybody calm and organized. So this is what @jjnopants meant when he said Rory was only wimpy around Amy.