Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Otomen - episode 10 recap

So, we open the episode, and I hear something familiar. Then this is what I see:

Are you seriously making fun of Hana Yori Dango? For its lack of realism? 

No, they are not. They are not even the Korean version of the show. No offense to korean dramas, but in this instance the japanese one is so much better. Having that version as a standard makes it impossible for any new adaptation to succeed. Still, it was a lot funnier and more intriguing than this, even though I already knew the story.

I cannot begin to tell you how attrocious the pronunciation of that sentence was. Speaking of korean Hana Yori Dango, I've seen Woo Bin speak english in a more convincing manner: 

(Honestly, if anything, watch the first 10 seconds; I did so, and burst out laughing when the does the whole “YO YO MAH MAN WASSUP” thing).

The USA anthem plays and the back ground...and the man speaking has a posh english accent. All is well in the land of Otomen. Actually, upon hearing him speak more, I think I can see a little Irish in it. At least find someone with a stereotypical twangy american accent, people!

FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, [I even went back to check and there's no link whatsoever, he just says “oh, there's this trend in Japan that I'm going to tell you about despite the fact that is has nothing to do with our conversation and that we are in a business meeting”] he informs the Ginyuri's principal (if you forgot, and I wouldn't blame you for it, she's Asuka's mother, you know, the one know almost died twice of the U R SUCH A HUGE GIRLY GIRL disease). 

She dismisses it, and says that are only REAL JAPANESE BOYS at Ginyuri. No bionic students, then. 

Otomen, in her opinion:

That sounds like a great night out, I think. 



Do they really have to constantly resort to making fun of other dramas/movies and plot cliches to fill up the episodes? Why not make them shorter, then?

Reference within a reference. LOL, IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE THEY DO IT EVERY EPISODE. 

"Dramas have to be good to air on tv."

Oh, sorry, I thought we were stating stuff that was obvious, but wrong,, QI-style.

That little thing is the equivalent of Mrs. Umbridge's school rules, only in Ginyuri, it's even more infuriating. At least Umbridge was evil.

Here, any student that likes cute things (Asuka), reads or writes shoujo manga (Passable Guy – former Douchebag Guy), is too cute to be a boy [?] (Bad Hair Dude) or likes beautiful things (Thin Guy From Bleach) WILL BE EXPELLLED AND POSSIBLY BURNED ALIVE IN A FIRE.

Or just suspended. Who knows.  

I disagree. In a school, you need rules. What you don't need is rules about gender roles

But the guys making thought it was so LULZY to make a boy like girly things to understand how irritating it is to listen to a public school trying to teach kids what is the “normal” way for boys and girls to behave. 

I'm not saying this doesn't happen in real life – it does, and that's why people that are slightly different from the norm are usually made fun of – but to me, the entertainment value of this is zero. Either you take this subject by the balls and choose to have your characters fight against it in a serious manner, or don't bring it up at all.  

This affects flower guy too, even though, from what I gather, he can't really be considered an Otomen. He likes gardening, that's it. No stuffed animals or makeovers for him. He likes to grow and take care of flowers. OMG THAT IS, LIEK, STUFF GIRLS DO WITH THEIR VAGINAS. LOL.

Can you tell I'm a bit short-tempered?

And this is the “public moral” police. I. Kid. You. Not. They actually enforce the “public moral”. I am getting flashes of something else...aren't you?

She then explains that it is because of Asuka's dad. Okay, so she is interfering in her students' private lives because of a pet peeve. MAKES PERFECT SENSE. PERFECT PARFAIT HETERONORMATIVE COERCING MARY.

And because Transfer Student Girl made an ugly doll, the new teacher (the one who bumped into Isono at the beginning of the episode) thinks that she

..just kill me already. Kill me.

Later, she teaches the girls to play CUTE TENNIS. ...yeah, I have no comments for that one.


Ooh, look, this is so EDGY (she's smoking, if you can't tell by the screencap). It's the new teacher – note she ALWAYS TALKS in a “cute manner” and exaggerates every gesture to seem adorable. Of course, she just sounds obnoxious.  

She has BACKSTORY? Of all the things...what is this, I don't even.

Next, they learn about Japan's geography, starting with the Fukuoka prefecture . And because it has an ever changing climate, the teacher compares it to


Wouldn't that teacher be arrested/expelled/blended into a pulp because he knows what F4 is? Hana Yori Dango is a shoujo manga, for those confused.  

OLHA, ÉS TU E QUEM TE FEZ AS ORELHAS. Sorry, it's impossible for me to translate the beauty of that insult to english. Suffice to say that using “your face” as an argument is a bit...silly. 

So far, they've cornered everyone of the GIRLY F4 except for Asuka.

Busted. After finishing that ICE CREAM WHICH HE LIKED BECAUSE HE IS A GIRL, he meets Transfer Student Girl and she helps him carry a heavy box. New Teacher looks on.

Pissed as fuck, because in her RELEVANT BACKSTORY, we learn that she was once an unloved tomboy and now she's just a bitter trying-to-be-cute person.  

Lady, I like collarbones, don't get me wrong, but have you noticed that boys generally go for T&A? Maybe it's different in Japan. She then goes on a group date (her and 3 other equally annoying and shallow broads) with the “F4”. 


I'm just as surprised as you are, Bad Hair Dude.  

She's supposed to look “seduced” but she just looks constipated. This cracks me up, for some reason.

PLOT. New Teacher finds Boy From Her Flashback and he compliments her a lot.

Yes, go with the guy who only likes people based on their appearance. I'm sure he's a great catch. 

Oh my god, she grew a brain. Asuka arrives, and Boy From Her Flashback Who Is The Real Douche Of the Show thinks he's her new boyfriend and then proceeds to mock her because she was a tomboy before. 

I was expecting a kick to the nuts, but this will have to do. 

And we these wise words, she parts, having been shown the SPARKLY otomen light and the episode ends. 

Next episode: CONFLICT HAPPENS. The previews don't have subtitles, so I can hardly tell what's being said, but it looks like Asuka's mum will reference Hana Yori Dango again by having him move away to somewhere WHERE HE CAN LEARN TO BE MANLY.