Thursday, 28 August 2014

Otomen - episode 11 recap

...WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT A “RIVAL” APPEARING IN THE LAST EPISODES? Granted, I thought it would be a guy going for Transfer Student Girl, but this is even worse because it's – again – a blatant copy of a device used in Hana Yori Dango. 

And there, I might add, it made a lot more sense, because Domyoji's mum was always evil and trying to keep him away from Makino. Also, as a big business woman, it made sense for her to want to marry her kid so she could merge companies. 

She's dressed in lolita garb and we don't get to see her face, although judging by her taste in stuffed animals, this might get weird soon.

This is the show's idea of an “idol” picture. There are some people taking pictures of him – presumably because of his achievements in kendo. Afterwards, he's with Passable Guy (former Douchebag Guy) in a café and gets grilled on the fact that he hasn't moved on in his relationship with Transfer Student Girl.

Because we only have one more episode, Asuka. Otherwise, this scene wouldn't even happen.

It's the tart of the day. It looks like caramel fudge covered in chocolate fudge.

His mum makes him the “burger curry” which will – somehow – help her figure out if he's being girly or not. Because when I think about femininity, I think about BURGERS WITH CURRY. 

You are a psycho bitch. All she's been doing for the past 5 minutes is telling him how – because of her own experience – he musn't fall in love or choose his own path. be miserable. Yay! Again, what kills me in this is how suddenly she became evil. CONTRIVED PLOT IS CONTRIVED.

Go get her, tiger!

Are we supposed to enchanted by how pretty she is? Transfer Student Girl can spin-kick people's faces out. All this one does is carry a creepy stuffed bear.

Meanwhile, Asuka's dad -who reads every “Love-tic” book religiously, because he knows it's based on his son's real life – calls Passable Guy to suggest that his “character”, Asuka, should be honest about his feelings. I hope he goes to Asuka's mum to talk some sense into her. 

Oh, Asuka, your taste is still impeccable. By the way, the creepy bear Contrived Plot Girl carries around is called “Juliet”. Yeah.

She then drops the piece of pie she was about to serve him, and the porno music kicks in, and we get...

ASUKA COOKING SPARKLE IN A TACKY APRON. He ends up making some pancakes, decorated with every fruit and ounce of whipped cream in existance, and his mum comes in with Contrived Plot Girl's parents.

Contrived Plot Girl covers his ass. Good girl.

Meanwhile, in Transfer Student Girl's house...

Hadn't I mentioned this? She has to leave school for some reason (this is Asuka's mother's genius plan) and she has yet to tell Asuka. Who wants to bet she won't get to tell him, or even worse, she'll tell him in a way that makes him believe she doesn't love him at all?

Back at Contrived Plot land, a stranger is in Contrived Plot Girl's room to steal her creepy bear. Why? Oh, you'll love this:

IT'S A COLLECTOR'S ITEM. The bear gets ripped apart in the struggle, the guy gets arrested and Asuka? 

Sparkles once more.

At school, he meets Transfer Student Girl.

He's about to say yes when he remembers that Contrived Plot Girl's dad...


Because he fixed her bear and cooked her pancakes. He tells her that no, he has TRU WUV already and she proceeds to do the thing girls in forced marriages always do in this situations.