Friday, 22 August 2014

Otomen - episode 8 recap

So, let's see what's up with Transfer Student Girl's dad.


I get that's he's a policeman, but this looks and sounds like a parody of a buddy cop show.



And all of this was actually serious. Kay. So, he gets home and begins to eat a lovely meal his daughter cooked for him, when he receives a fax with a portrait of the “girl”'s attacker. And to me... looks like Isono. How much do you want to bet that either the victim is lying or the attacker is someone who looks EXACTLY LIKE HIM.

Later, Transfer Student Girl's dad asks Asuka for advice on what girls really think, so he can “prevent more crimes”...okay. You do realize, tough guy, that all Asuka knows is how to bake tacky cakes, make frilly clothes and fix stuffed animals?

* groans loudly *

It's like saying that going to a football match will give you a better understand of men. Yes, it will teach you that men are loud, rude, stupid, beer-filled orangutans that almost WANT TO KILL because of what happens in their HOBBY.

I had the same reaction, because this was after Asuka said that BELTS ARE LIKE MAGIC. Sorry, but only magnets are magic. Proof:

I feel like I'm watching a messed up version of Hana Kimi.

I didn't mention this before, because I needed to be beat up with his SUBTLE PLOT POINT, but at the first store, they found a lookalike of Asuka's teacher, and now, there's one of his mother. CAN YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING? IT'S QUITE SUBTLE.


Guess how these are called. Hint: the names are quite butch. Still don't know? Well, let me present you the PRINCESS TWINKLE PARFAIT MARY.

It looks like something you'd write for a Youtube parody. More puzzling still is the constant use of “Mary”. Is the Virgin Mary the true way to girlishness? It's like if a protein shake was called BUFF MANLY ROUGH SAM.

In the same universe, guess what Transfer Student Girl shouts when training kendo?

Next time I train my ice-skating routine, I know what to shout.

In another sequence of misunderstandings (or not), Thin Guy From Bleach and Queen Bitch seem to be developing a sort of romance. Which, in their language, translates as “I'm going to tell you that it's obvious you are in love with me” over and over again.

Meanwhile, in “let's stretch out this very subtle plot as much as possible” land, Isono is arrested and is now saying goodbye to his class...DESPITE HAVING BEEN ARRESTED. I guess this happens all the time in Japan “oh, have you just murdered someone? Well, let's go to your office and say goodbye, it's the polite thing to do.”


Folks, did you hear that? I think Asuka's testicles just dropped. Congratulations!

She's talking about his trout.

Oh, I wonder who stole his (her?) purse? I WISH I COULD GUESS. IT'S REALLY CONFUSING.

Yep, it's Isono's evil twin. What a twist!

Yep, it was his bag. I realize I wrote “purse” before, and that was an accident...but I'm not changing it. MANLY SATCHEL FULL OF HEART SHAPED COOKIES.

Oh look, she looks like's going to tell him that she loves him or something.­

But are you surprised that she didn't?

Next episode: stuff. Can you tell how predictable I'm finding this show? 

If a “rival” of Asuka randomly appears to compete for Transfer Student Girl's heart, this is officially the worst japanese drama I've ever seen.