Monday, 25 August 2014

Otomen - episode 9 recap

This sums up the first 5 minutes of the episode.

And judging from the “comedy” in this drama, are you really surprised?

ANOTHER segment referencing that movie? I think this speaks for the quality of the plot, that they need to constantly “parody” other things to fill up gaps. It just so happens that those “non-story” gaps are quite frequent. 

Long story short: it's a school festival, only they call it something else just to be different. Nothing will beat Azumanga Daioh's school festival episode, though.

Shame this is such a pretty shot, because the scene overall is boring and contains ANOTHER flashback. I didn't tell you this, but why not, since I'm almost asleep here: the first 3-4 minutes of the episode were flashbacks of the story up to now. As if we have forgotten everything that happened in the previous SEVEN episodes.  

Transfer Student Girl: stating the obvious is her duty.

Why do people say he has good taste? A burger ON TOP OF A CURRY. Firstly, how is that, in any way, in line with his I DO CUTE THINGS shtick? Also, why would you want to ruin a perfectly good curry by putting a burger on top of it? 


...that I'm trying to hand out heart attacks like they are candy. MADE OF GRAVY AND LARD.

After his mum leaves the room – she came in, attracted by the smell, and Douchebag Guy, hereafter known as Passable Guy covers for Asuka, saying that it was Transfer Student Girl who made the dish.

The guy behind the one with the blue hoodie is giving the best bitchface.

After a couple of minutes, somebody finally explains what they are doing in that school. Even though most of them wanted to kick their asses, a pretty girl talks to them like they are normal. She must be blind. Or deaf. Or both.

Apparently, kids at this school hate the “rich kids” from Ginyuri. Oh, so we were supposed to feel like all of them were rich. Well, I guess not all dramas can have schools like the one in Hana Yori Dango.

Oh look, Rufio from Hook finally grew up.

Thin Guy From Bleach wins his kendo fight, but not without injuries. Seems the other guys are using mixed martial arts techniques as kendo. In short: it's the dirtiest kendo match EVAR.

Also, Isono's girlfriend is EVIL. He, being naive, gives her money because she said she hasn't got any to buy her mother's medicine. But the movie and her evil gaze let you know that she may be plotting something. Since you're plotting, could you have a word with the writers of this thing, if there are any?

6 episodes later, we find out the Obama thing was intentional. Huh?

LOL, MURDER. Apparently.

Oh, so the money he gave Evil Girlfriend was not his? Aren't these kids supposed to be rich?

And all this Isono stuff could be funny, I'm sorry, there's no cure for it. It's unfunny and repetitive as fuck.  

Yep, the HAMBURGER CURRY SHINY SURPRISE MARY looks as stupid as it probably tastes. Curiously enough, Asuka gives a tip on how to cook a tender burger: cook one side, then turn off the heat for a bit, and then put an ice cube on top of the burger. Then turn the heat back on, and put a lid on top of the pan. 

Yeah, I have no idea.

This is his explanation. So, my mother loves stuffed squid, and I love chocolate cheesecake...should I mix the two together, then? SURPRISE DELICIOUS CHEESE SQUID MARY. 

By the way, Thin Guy From Bleach has a “I will make you blossom; all women are flowers” [actual quote from the episode when he was tattooing flowers on girls at the beach] booth.

BECAUSE ALL WIMINZ COME FROM COCOONS. (See, I wasn't making shit up.)

Funnily enough, this moment has a lot of sexual tension. And not “LULZ, SEX” kind of tension. Actual chemistry. It probably wasn't intentional. 

Oh, look, it's the dollar store version of Battle Royale.

Guess what's happening here:

 [hint: it's not “gay subtext”]

Kind readers, what've witnessed here is Otomen's idea of COMEDY.  

I'm disappointed in you. 


Note that even though that “stand-up” bit was about 3 minutes, it honestly felt like 10.


Asuka and his ladyfriend swoop in to save the day. Thing is, the other guys are about 30. They are two. Possibly 3, if Asuka bakes a cake. 

She just told him “my heart beats when I'm around you”, which is indeed pretty weird, since mine never beats. Then again, that may be because my heart is made of stone. And boredom. 

I should inform you that this is extra cheesy because it pretty much mirrors the credit sequence of the show, where they fight off people in traditional japanese clothes. 

Like so.

Next episode: Isono gets a ball in the face.