Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Literary Cleanup, book #8

The Call of the Wild - Jack London (free to read/hear @ Project Gutenberg)

I knew nothing about Jack London prior to reading this book. I'm not sure if I now know anything about who he is now, because The Call of the Wild isn't your average short story. First off, you are reading from the perspective of a dog (Buck) and the time seems to flow much faster even though from the time you are introduced to Buck up to the end of the book, only 6 years have passed. Well, I'm not completely sure it's 6 years, but it's probably not much more than that. And again, it's a weird one because I'm not sure how to feel about it. For one, I kept flinching at every mention of animal cruelty - and there is a lot of it. Not gratuitous, I think - it's reasonable to assume that such things happened...and sadly, some of them still continue to happen today. Still, apart from that, there really wasn't time to connect with the characters and even if I consider that maybe this was intentional, to show how different animals are in different situations, I cannot say I really enjoyed this one. Not that it's bad, mind you, but to me, it's so forgettable I honestly cannot say I'm interesting in reading any other of Jack London's books. As usual, I may give him the benefit of doubt.


Buck não lia os jornais, pelo que não sabia que iriam surgir problemas, não só para si próprio como para todos os cães de grande porte, com músculos poderosos e pêlo longo e quente, de Puget Sound a San Diego. E isso porque os homens, tacteando na escuridão árctica, tinham encontrado um metal amarelo e, tendo em vista o enorme valor atribuído à descoberta pelas companhias de navegação e transportes, precipitavam-se aos milhares para as terras do Norte. Esses homem queriam cães, cães possantes, com músculos fortes para a labuta e pêlo espesso que os protegesse do gelo.