Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Cold Blood - Doctor Who s5e9 recap

I'm sorry for the wait. I had a decent backlog of posts but then I started working so that all fell apart. To make for that, I'll try to post 2 more recaps this week. "Try" being the operative word.

It starts with a narration. The Doctor helped the two races coexist. This is that story. Hm. Very "The End of Time", this.

“The front door is the best way to enter, of course.”

So that only took...2 minutes.

The mad surgeon gets called away just in time. Maybe he went for lunch.

Amy cleverly pickpocketed him and sets herself and the other bloke free. Trying to find a way out, they find his kid instead.

I assume he's also being transformed into a tree.

Rory is remarkable in this. The alien lady said one of them will kill her and he's trying his best to keep everybody calm and organized. So this is what @jjnopants meant when he said Rory was only wimpy around Amy.

They are decontaminating the Doctor. I wonder if they are going to mention his two hearts.

The old fella who got licked offers to help alien lady escape in exchange for a cure. I agree with her when she tells him she wouldn't trust someone who betrays his own species that easily.

They are going to send a message to the surface. About the Doctor's execution.

Oh dear. She's killing her.

And now she's dead. Good luck with that war, guys.

They contact the surface gang and because they don't show them the alien hostage, they threaten to execute Amy. Rory takes charge. I'm liking this.

They are having a meeting. A diplomatic meeting.

Meanwhile, the Doctor tells the surface gang that it's safe to go down and all they have to do is bring the alien lady. Who is kinda dead.

Oh, she killed the scientist. And she's waking up her army. This can't end well.

The elder alien has a solution: fumigate the city and those awake will die. The rest will live. The Doctor doesn't like it when people have to die.

Meera and the grandfather stay below, while the rest run to the Tardis and...

Batman. I knew it.

The Doctor does the sensible thing and puts a handkerchief through it.

Rory: “What is it?”
Doctor: “I don't know.”

Well, shit!

The last words she hears from him are “you are beautiful. I'm sorry”. This is why I like Rory.

I really wish I didn't know he was in next season. This is a powerful moment but I know he didn't really die.

The rift will make Amy forget he existed. And the Doctor just moves away. And they bring everyone home safely.

This was the thing the Doctor took from the rift.

And next episode is the Van Gogh one, which, if I remember correctly from what people have told me, was one of the weaker episodes. It's probably weaker because it's one of those episodes-air-before-the-final-3-episodes, so much like Fear Her, Boomtown, I can't even remember the others, but they suffer from pre-finale syndrome. Still, I'll try to keep an open mind.