Friday, 5 August 2011

Vincent and the Doctor - Doctor Who s5e10 recap

BILL NIGHY! This is off to a good start.

Amy suspects the Doctor isn't telling her anything because he's been taking her to lots of nice places.

And they find a evil looking face in a painting. How that is a face, I don't know. But off to investigate they go!

Before they fangirl about each other's ties, the Doctor asks Bill the exact date of the painting. It was done the night before he killed himself. I hope it's not a giant bee again.

Nice polish colour. I've noticed Amy favours dusty colours. Even a few episodes ago she was wearing a sort of grey-ish purple. And yes, I know this is interesting to no one.

Nice job with the actor. He finds Amy cute and proceeds to ask her...

Vincent: “That accent of yours...are you from Holland, like me?”
Amy: “No.”
Doctor: “Yes!”

They fangirl over each other's hair. I think I may have said this at least 10 times in the last few recaps, but I love gingers. I love their freckles, their almost translucent eyelashes, their general...gingerness.

“You've had enough coffee now. How about some nice, calming...tea?”

Vincent fights something invisible and the Doctor? Well, he does try, but he mostly looks like the Star Wars kid.

This is what the monster looks like, according to Vincent.

This is how the doctor does research.

Another Classic Who callback. I still love it when they do this. Even if they did it 3 or 4 times already, this season.

Amy was bored so she goes to find the Doctor and scares the shit living daylight out of him.

They discover what the monster is but they have to be careful so that he doesn't die.

“If Amy Pond can soldier on, so can Vincent Van Gogh.”

Leg watch: surprisingly covered up.

I've just realized that I've seen something like this before. Someone using mirrors...oh, right, now I remember! It was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Yes, I'm a nerd.

They hide inside a church (again) and the Doctor asks Amy to a quieter way.

Asshole watch: between douche and smug.

He calls Van Gogh “Rory”.

Vincent slays the invisible creature and it's a huge relief, because this is kind of boring.

If I was directing this, I'd totally play some Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Love the poster abuse on the Tardis. And this is Vicent being all “OMIGAWD IT'S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE”.

They take him to Paris so he can see that his works lived on. He takes all this is to the sound of a completely misplaced song.

I mean, the scene in itself is very moving but the music playing is so out of place. It's Doctor Who, not Grey's Anatomy. In a later conversation with several Who fans, we all came to same conclusion. Why him? Out of all the remarkable people they saved, why did he, in particular, get to see his future?

And though he seemed very happy, it turns out that he still killed himself.

Amy is sad, and the Doctor is trying to comfort her. When is he going to tell her about Rory?

OH, COME ON. Really, people? Is this what we are doing now? Well, okay. I guess it's cute.

“If I had married him, our kids would have had very, very red hair.”

Which is why it would have been awesome. Despite the whole ear-cutting bit.

Next up? The companion-less episode. Was there a Doctor-less episode this season?


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