Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Lodger - Doctor Who s5e11 recap

You guyz. OMGZ.
Also, when you have to actually google the name of the next episode, you know it's been a long ass while.

So this starts off well. The Doctor leaves the Tardis and it starts being all explody and stuff with Amy in it. Oh, yeah, this must be the companion-less episode. Or the Doctor-less episode.

One day later...


Creepy house. I hope it doesn't have a child who draws monsters or something.

Oh, it's that bloke from Gavin and Stacey who is...not Gavin. Or Stacey.

Note the flyer. Clever.
His almost-girlfriend goes because of PLOT happening and as he's talking to himself, wondering if he should tell her he loves her, the door rings. He opens it while saying “I love you”--

Always jumping out of the wrong cake, Doctor. Does he have...something in his ear?

“This is how people kiss nowadays, right?”


And for no reason, the Doctor cooks some eggs with a silly french accent.

The Doctor is now NotGavinOrStacey's roommate because he “can cook” and he's “a bit weird”, which is more than enough for him to stay.

“We have an arrangement, in case you want to bring someone around...girlfriend or... *looks at Doctor* boyfriend.” You work that acceptance, gurrrrl.

Oh dear, the creepy house has taken another person and the girl looks like she's... This is making me very uncomfortable.
Meawhile, the Tardis can't land.

If not for the bowtie, I'd say he was stuck in the 90's. And just as I write this, Amy tells the Doctor to get rid of the bowtie so he can go unnoticed. He keeps telling her through the season that “bowties are cool”. Maybe the Batman rift is a bowtie monster. I'm sorry, I woke up so my mind is a bit scrambled.

Oh half-naked Doctor. I wish you would meet Jack. He'd *love* you.

This episode is filled with WTF. It's like someone baked a cake and filled it with layers upon layers of WTF.
Leg count: whiter than sour cream.

It's like Tsubasa and Doctor Who had a weird child. And almost-girlfriend is kind of WAY TOO ATTRACTED to the Doctor. Which I don't get. He isn't as good looking as 10. I mean, 10 was Casanova, for Pete's sake. This guy only had an awkward shag with Rose.

And now they are stuck in a weird time loop, because the house kidnapped someone else.

The Doctor. In a call-center. What.
And then he headbutts his roommate to show him his background. Fair enough. Actually...I have no idea what I'm saying.

And yet another alien race using a perception filter. Were they on sale at Aliens R Us?

Question: what is Amy reacting to?

Answer: THE POWER OF WUV saving the planet.


Less cute.