Sunday, 14 February 2010

50 books? Woah there, I barely know how to read.


So, ever since I found out about a community on livejournal called 50 book challenge , I've tried many times to, and this will surprise you, do the 50 book challenge. This was one of the attempts. Of course, as you can see, I didn't finish it. Not by a long shot-- even though, I have to say, I didn't read only 5 books. This is the full list of stuff I read pertaining to the challenge:

  • Native Tongue
  • The Canterville Ghost
  • The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder
  • Lord Arthur Saville's Crime
  • The Haunted House (and other stories)
  • The Thirteen Problems 
  • Homely Girl: A Life and Other Stories
  • Treasure Island
  • The Color of Magic
  • Lunário
  • Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Guards! Guards!

    Seeing this list makes me think that I haven't done that bad (particularly because I'm sure I have forgotten a couple of books) but 12 books in a year isn't something to be satisfied with. Particularly when I realize how much time I waste on youtube/tv shows/cheesy asian dramas. And this all stems from the fact that reading a book requires a bit more effort than standing in front of the pc while STUFF happens. So I'm picking this up again, just to see where I can go with it. Or how much I can fail at it.

    This time, however, I am renaming the challenge. I thought about You Can't Buy Any Books Until You've Read What You Have on Your Shelf Challenge, but that was too long; Books was too short, so I came up with Literary Cleanup.*

    But why I am blogging it? Well, for the exact same reason I originally created That's So Book! : I have a very crappy memory, so I'd like to have my thoughts on the books written down, so I can recall some details I may otherwise forget. This time, I am making things easier for me, so no 40 page essay will be required. There are some books that I simply don't have anything to comment on, even though I really liked them. Also, I will note if I have read a certain book in portuguese or in english via...err...something. I will take care of that later.

    Let me ask you all, though...are any of you doing a similar project?

    *You have to excuse the overuse of capitals, but ever since Guards! Guards! they have become so much fnu fun to abuse.


    Raquel said...

    I've never tried something like the 50 book challenge, though this year I've set up a very short list of books I want to read in 2010.

    I'll read more than the ones I chose, but I'd never get near 50 books in a year. Maybe if I was Internetless and TVless I'd be able to.

    Also, I've tried staying away from the whole purchase of books thing, because I have tons of unread ones in my bookshelves, but I've failed.


    Every single time.

    The last time I tried was after X-mas: 'I won't get more books until the Lisbon Book Fair!'... A week later I find a bargain at Fnac, and get it. A few weeks later I buy 3 books at once because they had a nice propotion... you get the picture. -ahem-