Thursday, 25 February 2010

Literary Cleanup, book #1

First off, I have to say that these were actually the 2nd and 3rd book I read this year, but because I had started The Gun Seller a long time ago and just now had the inclination to finish it, I will not count it for the list.


The Light Fantastic - Terry Pratchett

While the image I used looks very nice and neat, my book has seen better days, because he spent almost all of last year in my backpack tumbling around, so it looks twenty years old. I am a bad person. Also, under the title, my book has "A Discworld Novel" instead of the text presented in the image above.

Did I like it? I'd be an ass not to.

Basically, I first came into contact with these books around 2004, when I met one of my best friends, Phelan. He introduced me to it and even lent me The Color of Magic - the first novel in the series - which I didn't get around to reading in full at that time (I probably read about 50 pages). After some time, though, I decided to stop being lazy and buy the book. As per usual, it takes me a while to get into the book (there are some exceptions, but I'll talk about them at another time), but once I do, I really liked it. I couldn't wait to read The Light Fantastic, but because Fnac didn't have it, I bought Guards! Guards! instead. I only purchased this a little bit before my trip to London 2 years ago.

...and yet, it sat in my bag forever, the pages getting folded and torn until the first weeks of this year, when I got around to reading it. It's a really fun book, and one of the few of the series that is a direct continuation of the previous book.

Once again, Rincewind (a wizard failed wizard) and Twoflower (a tourist) get involved in various adventures, even though Rincewind much preferred to be sipping tea in the most boring place in the world. There's several parts in this book and in Sourcery that tell you that he strives for boredom and can't understand why his life has to be so eventful. Still, there's a huge ball of fire about to destroy the Discworld and, somehow, Rincewind and Twoflower have to save it, with the help of a hot chick, a dwarf, a box with legs and one of my favorite characters, Cohen the Barbarian. I didn't expect him to become a favorite, but how can you not love an 87 year old legendary barbarian with no teeth?

I did enjoy this book a bit more than The Color of Magic, but I would still recommend reading them in order. Of course, you can still get the story if you don't, but it's more fun to read the whole thing.


Then the chieftan turned respectfully to his guest, a small figure carefully warming his chilblains by the fire, and said: 'Our guest, whose name is legend, must tell us truly: what are they that a man may call the greatest things in life?'
'What shay?' he said, toothlessly.
'I said: what are they that a man may call the greatest things in life?'
The warriors leaned closer. This should be worth hearing.
The guest thought long and hard and then said, with deliberation: 'Hot water, good dentishtry and shoft lavatory paper.'