Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A day in the life of a college student

The title should really be "how I keep myself amused in a day full of classes I don't want to have" or even more simply "I hate college, here's some pictures". Added bonus? Limericks!*

Woke up quite early to learn some stuff
Left the house running to catch the damn bus
The rain was most troubling
My chances to fall were doubling
The driver left, all I could do was cuss.

After the first class, trouble ensued
The need was growing--sorry to be crude
But using those terrible "facilities"
Was fraught with daunting possibilities
Bloody hell, I guess I'm screwed.

You may wonder the cause of the "show and tell"
Well, all I want is to share my own hell
Because in that dreadful college
There isn't, to the best of my knowledge
A place where you don't risk dying from the smell.

This is the place literary students roam
To me, its peaceful aura is almost home
But of course even there,
- and the picture proves I'm aware -
the lack of organization makes my mouth foam.

I haven't got a good rhyme for this one
because this is where I usually have fun
non political science classes are a hoot
my love for my degree is minute
And I sometimes I wish I had a gun.

This place is popular with some folk
which to me is a bit of a sick joke
Yummy those oranges may seem
even protected by that glass screen
They still would taste of beer and smoke.

Ah, it seems that I lied.
Believe me, I have endlessly tried
to find such a room
where cleanliness would bloom
Nevermind, it's closed. I'll let that one slide.

Most intriguing this door is
it does indeed trigger a quiz
what purpose a door this small
can have, hidden in that corner wall?
Quite likely a dwarf wiz.

In that day, not everything was bad
and for that, I'm honestly glad
the flowers did smile
I went to Galveias for a while
and the next class was not had.

The remainder of the day
was spent in dismay
of how terrible and weary
was a place that in theory
could have been a lot more gay.

This is a sample of my daily life,
I do have to put with this tripe
with the subject matter I get aquainted
in a place vomit-yellow painted
FCSH isn't really worth the hype.

At the end of the day I'm going back
and please do cut me some slack
My prospects are meek,
I just want some good sleep
Tomorrow I'll have to re-join the pack.

*I didn't say "good limericks", did I? Also, fuck metric.