Thursday, 16 June 2011

Otomen - episode 7 recap

Remember how picture heavy the last recap was? Well, this was such a interesting episode that I didn't even screencap half as much as I did last time.

To recap:

This is Douchebag Guy and Sidekick Girl. He is a shoujo manga writer and basically publishes what he sees happen between Asuka and Transfer Student Girl.

He doesn't want to be interviewed. BECAUSE ONLY GIRLS WRITE SHOUJO.

“Love-tic” is the manga Douchebag Guy writes. You know, the one that looks like Bleach.

Next day, in class, they all doing sketches of Asuka and Isono (the guy who drowned, but didn't) when the teacher notices that Douchebag Guy draws really well. Asuka is intrigued...but only because he thinks Douchebag Guy is also a fan of the manga. Then, Transfer Student Girl arrives and they squee for 5 minutes

Even he's WTFing all of the place.

He later learns that he's nominated for an award, and comes up with a genius plan.


...randomly, we see that Asuka's dad and Transfer Student Girl's dad were friends and that Asuka's dad is now working as a shoujo author. Other things he's working: polka dots. Get it, gurl.

I'm now taking guesses as to how long they will go on not realizing the manga is about them.

Oh geez. If you can't tell, that's Ms. Manly, Asuka's dad.

Yes, indeed. A magician makes you believes in impossible things.

This, by the way, is the reaction to his sister – Sidekick Girl is apparently his sister – telling him she can't show up and that he has to, as we say in portuguese, “desemerdar-se”.

In a touching moment, Asuka's dad meets his son, and gives him an autograph after Asuka reveals he always loved her work.

As expected, Love-Tic wins whatever award it was nominated for, and the author goes out to receive it

Cute shoes and the most tasteful makeup I've seen Thin Guy From Bleach do so far. And yes, Douchebag Guy called him especially to sparkle all over his face.

Oh god, they almost figured it out. And then the episode ended. * sigh *

Next episode: birthdays and a possible confession of TWU WUV (though I doubt this will actually happen...I mean, we are only in episode 8, and stuff like that only happens in the last episode)

Shortest recap yet! Huzzah!