Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Amy's Choice - Doctor Who s5e7 recap

Yep, no explanation. Right off the bat I'm thinking that it's an alternate reality.

Rory's hair is tragic.

“You swallowed a planet.” That's know what, I'd better not. But yeah, this is so not...actual storyline right now.

“What a nice bench.”

I get you, Eleven. I'm very awkward at small talk too.

So, they've woken up and Amy's not pregnant. That was still too...specific to be a dream sequence. Also, how many dream sequences have there been in Doctor Who? Not many, I'd wager.

And they wake up again in Nothing-Happens-Amy's-Pregnant-ville realizing, as they did in the Tardis, that they all had the same dream.

So the question is: which one is reality. The Tardis or the Hm. I hate to be a spoil-sport but Nothing-Happens-Amy's-Pregnant-ville does kinda scream “dream” in all caps.

They are in a dead time machine. Hm.

Each time they change, Amy and Rory argue that the reality they are in is the correct one. The Doctor spots old people being creepy in a house so he says “something is wrong...let's go poke it with a stick”. Which I'm sure applies to many situations.

“Can we not do the running bit, please?”

I also love Pregnant and Bitchy Amy.

And that guy is a...dreamlord. Doesn't sound as cool as timelord, I'm afraid.

Amy, that's kind of a...absurdly terrible time to be in labour. But I guess the most terrible bit is the two blokes flailing around you.

Oh, that was to make a point. Go Pregnant Legs, go!

They are drifting towards a cold star. That's why they are freezing. And the Doctor tells them that it might be the battle they have to love. Needless to say, Rory is pissed.

The Church of Python was true! Hell's Grannies do exist! How many more britcom references can I put in a single comment?

More eyes. I hope next season we see ear monsters. Or eyebrow aliens. Or creatures related to ancient knees.

It's no Hot Fuzz, but I still enjoyed seeing him do that to an old lady.

“Oh, my boys, my poncho boys. If we're going to die, let's make a folk band.”

I bet Moffat saves his best lines for Amy, because this was brilliant.

The dreamlord fella divides them up, so only Amy is awake on the Tardis. He tells her to pick a world.

Apparently, picking a world also means picking one of them.

And now, he can never return to his village.

Which kinda proves the other reality is the real one. I'm sorry, but since I know he's in next season, I don't really expect him to die.

Amy: “You save everyone. You always do.”
Doctor: “Not always.”
Amy: “Then what is the point of you?”

Doctor: “What if this is the real world?”
Amy: “It can't be. Rory isn't here.”

They chose well. Well, kinda. The Doctor blows up the Tardis because he “knows who he is”. The dreamlord guy, that is. So both of the realities were dreams. Well played.

And the dreamlord was...him? Okay, then.

Go, Rory! (The screencap isn't clear, but he “started” it. In a very loving yet assertive way.)

Da fuq. It did seem to me that the explanation was a bit...well, pulled out of his timelord ass.

Well, we won't until...I'd say “next time” but next time we're probably going to see a completely different episode.