Monday, 4 July 2011

Flesh and Stone - Doctor Who s5e5 recap

Let's all find out who Riversong really is, shall we? Oh, who am I kidding. We probably won't really know until next season.

(I expect to be using this gif a lot in the next couple of weeks.)

So after they all jumped...

...things are upside down. Okay, I'll go with that.


Eerie as balls. The Doctor screams that there isn't a manual for this.

“God be with us all.” They are stuck in a tunnel and the only way to open the door is guessed it, turn off the lights.

I should have kept a counter of how many times Amy said “Doctor” because it seems like that's the extent of her role in this episode, so far. I can only imagine Moffat's directions to Karen Gillan “hey, for this one, just look bug-eyed and say “Doctor” a lot, okay?”.

This guy went to check the “rad levels”. You idiot, first you take a Rad-X and then check the rad levels.

Btw, I didn't explain, but this is their “oxygen factory”. The angels need to breathe, too.

THAT GODDAMN BATMAN. So the Batman rift is...caused by the angels? Also, Amy is counting. Which is bad. Or good, if you are a small child learning how to count.

But the rift, in the Doctor's words, is...”extremely very not good”.

Amy isn't just sleeping, it seems.

FRECKLES. I love gingers. Sometimes, literally. Anyway, THIS SEASON IS SPONSORED BY THE FACT THAT WE HAVE EYES.

And there's an angel inside her. But that problem is quickly solved by the simple matter of her not ever opening her eyes again. So that's sorted. Shall we all go for a curry? Oh, right, still 30 minutes left.

We've come a long way from “don't blink”, haven't we?

I will state that I like Riversong a lot more because of how caring she is. Well, caring towards Amy. Like she was her mother.

Doctor: “But that's not the plan.”
Riversong: “There's a plan?”
Doctor: “I don't know yet, I haven't finished talking.”

So this is the famous line everyone quoted. I expected it to come in a more dramatic moment. Not that being stuck in a forest full of angels, with only 5 soldiers and a blind Amy is not that dramatic, but you get my idea.

Doctor: “You need to start trusting me.”
Amy: “You don't always tell me the truth.”
Doctor: “If I always told you the truth I wouldn't need you to trust me.”

Which is a sort of backwards logic, but I'll go with it, just because he realized how vulnerable she was. He kisses her forehead and asks her to remember something he told her when she was 7.

The angels are advancing, but I get the feeling Amy is going to save everyone. Again.

She needed to see the rift. And all but one of the soldiers go see the crack. And the one left doesn't remember the other 3. Much like Amy doesn't remember the Daleks.

The angels do not fuck around.

And the final soldier went to check the light. Oh, goody.

The Bishop fella begs the Doctor to leave him, but not without warning him that Riversong can't be trusted. He's apparently her guardian because she needs to fulfil a mission to pay her dues (she killed a man, it seems), as it were. Hm. My theory is still: rogue time agent. Hope she isn't a timelord.

What is this I see? The Doctor having feelings? For humans ? Blimey, when did this one stop being an asshole?

Poor Amy.

The Doctor finds a way to get Amy to go to them, which entails following the sound of his screwdriver. (That's what she said?) I love how fucking serene she is, despite the situation.


Riversong: “How do we stop it?”
Doctor: “We feed it.”
Riversong: “Feed it what?”
Doctor: “A big, complicated space-time event should shut it up for a while.”
Riversong: “Like what, for instance?”

The angels are assuming she can see, so she has to move like she can.

Phew. That was way too close.

So, kids, if you ever have killer angels in your house, just turn off gravity.

Are we ever going to find out who Batman is?

Doctor: “He said you killed a man.”
Riversong: “Yes, I did.”
Doctor: “A good man.”
Riversong: “The best man I've ever known.”

No, surely it can't be that easy, can it? Nah. Surely not. And they will apparently meet again, when the Pandorica opens. Which, judging by the episodes titles I've probably a few episodes away.

Amy: “I want to go home. I want to show you something. You are running from River...I'm running too.”

Maybe she just wants an opinion on the dress. We know the Doctor watches Say Yes to the Dress religiously.

Clearly uncomfortable with weddings. I'm enjoying this.

BWAHAHAHAAH! I'm loving awkward-Doctor-that-doesn't-want-a-kiss. This is fucking awesome. Go Legly Pond!

You get it, Amy. You fucking get it.

Doctor: “The important thing is that I get you sorted out right now.”
Amy: “THAT'S what I've been trying to tell you.”

More of hypersexed Amy, please. She's funny.

And then the episode ends. Wha.

Okay then, this was good but only because Amy was all RARRRR MUST HAVE SEXYTIMES NOW.