Monday, 18 July 2011

The Hungry Earth - Doctor Who s5e8 recap

Hellz yeah, Welsh accents!

Meera Syal! For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, let this refresh your memory.

Apparently, they are drilling far into the Earth. Maybe this company is run by cats .

Should have paid your cable, welsh man.

That is one hungry hole. This sentence sounded less dirty in my head.

Oh, and the episode is actually called “Hungry Earth”. I wasn't too far off, was I?

Leg watch: still very exposed. She is “dressed for Rio”, which is where they were supposed to land, but we all know that even in freezing cold she couldn't stop being our good old Legly Pond.

Some people wave at them.

According to the Doctor, it's Amy and Rory from 2020. I'm sorry, what?

Rory goes back to the Tardis to store their engagement ring so Amy doesn't lose it. And when he gets out...

The family of that bloke who got sucked by the Hellmouth is waiting for him. She called the police and she's assuming...he's it.

The body of her aunt is no longer in the grave. This sounds more like a Torchwood episode. And I don't know if that's good or bad.

Hellmouth has caught Amy. She's making a habit of almost dying every episode, isn't she?

And she gets sucked in, despite her enormous set of gams. Meanwhile, the little kid tells Rory that the graves eat people. And he's inside of one of them. Fancy that.

The Doctor can still hear drilling even though they shut off the drill. They run outside and the sky is all weird. How does the Doctor test it?

Sure, don't we all have slingshots in our suits?

It's a shield originating from below...or they're just trapped inside a jelly mold.

Rory finds the Doctor and asks for Amy. He tells him Amy was sucked into the earth.

Rory is pissed. I feel like I've written that sentence a lot in the last couple of episodes.

“You should have tried harder!”

Eye-watch [yay redundancy!]: 1.

They set a base inside a church (not the first time the Doctor has been stuck inside one, huh?) and create a sort of monitoring system so they can see if the earth moves.

The lady gathers weapons so they can defend themselves and the Doctor warns her to put them away in a sort of...scary manner. See, still an asshole. The world is right again.

It's like that Simpsons episode where they put Springfield inside a dome.

The Doctor was the last to see the kid but was so caught up in his own world that he didn't realize he wasn't inside the church when they closed the doors.

Oh, crap. And they took him.

Double crap!

So this is the threat.

The Doctor puts on some cool shades... he can have night-vision, though they probably are 3-D glasses. It's like They Live! Is he going to run out of bubblegum soon?


She's alive, but stuck inside what looks like a glass coffin.

The aliens have masks, apparently.

It looks pretty. Yes, I'm like Captain Jack. If it has a post code, I'm on it.

The Doctor is interrogating it. It's like LA Noire, except with less Mad Men cast members.

And they are not aliens, they're earth-liens.

The old man that was licked by one of the earth-liens is turning into...a...tree?

Meanwhile, Amy's about to be dissected. Sounds like fun. Maybe they can find the secret of her legs.

Dr. Meera and the Doctor go down in the Tardis so they can save everyone.

Except for the small problem of having to fight against an entire civilization. It looks like the Nether, but with less Zombie Pigmen.

And wow, I only now realized this is a two parter. Guess I'll have to see the next (Which for you all means “in a couple of days”).