Friday, 9 April 2010

The Next Doctor – A recap

So, due to reasons I don't quite understand, I've waited this long to watch the five specials that aired last year and that marked the last season of David Tennant as Doctor Who. Of course, because it's quite hard to get away from spoilers, I know who the new doctor is and what he looks like, so that won't be a surprise. However, I did manage to stay in the dark about the plotlines in this season, so hopefully I will react as strongly to them as I would if I had seen them when they aired.

And I'm recapping with pictures to amuse @jjnopants . Yes, I'm finally doing it!

The Next Doctor opens with Ten being...well, Ten.

And why is that awesome? Because it looks like this:


Of course, not even two minutes in and there is running for no reason, like in any decent Doctor Who episode. I tried to get a screencap, but it's quite difficult. The credits roll in and I'm already weary because I know they have changed them, and this is one of the last shots I get to see them.

Is that a Cybergorilla? Regarless, whatever it is they are doing looks like fun.

Next Doctor: won't believe me, but they are creatures from another world.
Doctor: *fake shock * Reaaaally?

A few minutes later:

Next Doctor: A talk of Cyberman and you don't blink.
Doctor: Don't blink! Remember that?!

Good one.

Next Doctor: [while trying to break in] How did you get here?
Doctor: Front door. I'm good at doors.

That exchange amused me quite a lot. But the Next Doctor's “sonic screwdriver” amused me even more.

Doctor: How is it sonic?
Next Doctor: It makes a noise. [bangs screwdriver against the door making it produce a “toc”]

Loving this “Doctor as companion” thing and the fact that they've acknowledged that usually companions question absolutely everything.

Fogwatch fail!

TIME LORD KISS. THE FANFICTION WAS RIGHT AFTER ALL. No, not really. Just wishful thinking.

Seriously, I never get tired of his silly expressions. Unfortunately, I wish I liked Next Doctor more than I do currently. Maybe that will change.

[Insert “it really is bigger on the inside” joke]

KISS! Sorry, I will stop doing that. My actual point: is this when he fully realizes the other bloke isn't a Time Lord because he only has one heart?

Is she a who...working girl? I didn't quite catch it when she said it but I shall now stick with this idea. It's much funnier.

Okay, the acting a bit rubbish in this.

Still, I like what they have done to the Tardis. It's a great improvement, IMO.



Ah, but I will miss his silly grin too.

Fugue state? Ah, I'll take it. It's believable enough. I mean, I did manage to get through that Doctor-less first season episode. After that, everything is easy.

Yes, more running! That's why this episode feels a bit slow. Not enough running (to the sound of epic music, no less).

Rosetta asks “what's happening” and by the look of it, it seems like the auditions for Oliver have opened.

Another emo Doctor. Great, just what I neeeded.

And now he's Rambo Doctor. Along with his side-kick

...Rambetta. [If you can't tell, that's Rosetta punching Miss Working Girl]

Now there are children working and they are not particularly good actors as well.

“That was designated: a lie.” Dunno why that made me laugh, but it did. Still, HOW SURPRISING THAT THE EVIL HUMAN WILL ALSO BE CONVERTED. I DIDN'T EXPECT THAT AT ALL. *sigh*

Cool contacts. I hate doing this, but this how it will unveil: Doctor will fight them, and in the end, their downfall will be that the conversion wasn't 100% sucessful and she will somehow sabotage them as a “last redemption” thing. Or they will realize she is still too human and kill her. Either way, it won't end well for her.

Kill, Cyberbitch, kill!

Was the “save the kid” moment really necessary? It would have been much cooler if he had been transformed into a Cyberbaby.


When she said “behold my power” I expected Alucard or Richter to jump in. They didn't. Shame.

Mecha-Streisand has pew pew lasers. Nope, not kidding, they did actually make the “pew pew” noise.

I was kind of right. Anyway WTF is this? Is she screaming them to death? This is an ugly side to the Doctor, though. He kind of...killed her.

YOU DID NOT JUST SAY “THEY BREAK MY HEART”. Quick, someone help me, I have no idea how I should feel about this. I mean, it may be true but it's so unlike him to say such a thing.

Anyway, it was a decent episode, but still miles away from The Christmas Invasion, which is my favorite one – yes, despite me loving Donna now, I still don't quite like The Runaway Bride. A good start to a companion-less season, though I doubt they won't steer away from the “Doctor meets random person and that same person is the companion for the episode”. Also, because I know some actors will reapear, I'm quite curious as to what route they will take towards the regeneration.


Luís F. Alves said...

Seems we're pretty much in agreement about this episode. Now let's see what you think of the next one. :)